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EverEve - one of the most important representatives of the music genre roughly called CYGOROME (Cyber Goth Rock Metal). But before ultimately defining their style, the group experimented with a plethora of sounds, especially on their first three releases − Seasons, Stormbirds and Regret. Each of these albums showcased a thrilling combination of death, gothic, atmospheric and progressive metal, enforced with a huge dose of Pink Floyd overtones.

Seasons: At the time of its release the album was quite a surprise on the gothic scene, delivering a truly astounding mix of dark, ambient melodies with brutal vocals and guitar riffs. The band (at that time consisting of Tom Sedotschenko on vocals, Stephan Kiefer & Thorsten Weissenberger on guitars, Michael Zeissl on keys, Stefan M?ller on bass and Marc Werner on drums) did a remarkable job giving each song enough character and structure to capture the true essence of a gothic album. The perfect collaboration of keys and guitars (not afraid to venture even towards death metal) easily formed such doom − anthems as "Autumn Leaves," "A Winternight Depression" and "Untergehrn Und Auferstehen" (sung entirely in German).

While the musical side of Seasons was near flawless, it was Tom Sedotschenko who proved to be the true highlight of the entire album. His vocals, easily ranging from whispering and clean melodic singing to intense screams and deep growls, took EverEve's debut to a whole new level of atmospheric and emotional music. Seasons is to this day considered one of the group's best releases and a milestone in the entire gothic genre.


1. Prologue: The Bride Wears Black
2. A New Winter
3. The Phoenix/Spring
4. The Dancer/Under A Summer Sky
5. Twilight
6. Autumn Leaves
7. Untergehen Und Auferstehen
8. To Learn Silent Oblivion
9. A Winternight Depression
10. Epilogue

Stormbirds: The album was released in 1998 and proved to be a worthy successor to the amazing debut. It continued the musical voyage set on Seasons and took the band even further into experimenting with their sound, this time with the help of the Barmbecker Symphony Orchestra and vocalist York Eysel of Love Like Blood. The tracks on Stormbirds deliver a real variety of inspirations, ranging from energetic and melodic tunes like "The Downfall" to the sorrowful "Fields Of Ashes" and electronic "As I Breathe The Dawn." One of the highlights of the LP is the piano track "Spleen," sung in French and based on the writings of 19th century poet and art critic Charles Baudelaire. Stormbirds, often compared to Moonspell's classic release Wolfheart by the critics, is still hailed as a brilliant sequel to the debut and one of the group's most valuable works.


1. Embittered
2. Fields Of Ashes
3. Escape
4. ?On Lucid Wings
5. Martyrium
6. The Failure
7. The Downfall
8. Dedications
9. Stormbirds
10. As I Breathe The Dawn
11. Spleen
12. Universe
13. A Part Of You
14. Valse Bizarre

Regret: The album released in September 1999, introduced a more straightforward and stripped down approach towards EverEve's music. The mood on the album is very intense, often generating a disturbing and melancholic atmosphere. While some songs (like "Fall Into Oblivion") still bear the same heaviness as the tunes on Seasons or Stormbirds, others introduce some totally new musical inspirations, such as "Passion And Demise," stylistically comparable to Alice Cooper. The real surprise on the LP, however, are the two cover versions of "The House Of The Rising Sun" by The Animals. Regret went into a slightly different way than the band's previous releases, but eventually proved to be a very successful album as well, preparing the fans to the changes that occurred afterwards.


1. Misery's Dawn
2. Fall Into Oblivion
3. Kolyma
4. Redemption
5. House Of The Rising Sun
6. The Eclipse Of The Seventh Sun
7. Passion And Demise
8. Dies Irae
9. Where No Shadows Fall
10. House Of The Rising Sun (club edit)

Metal Mind Productions will re-release Seasons, Stormbirds and Regret on 23rd June 2008 (Europe) and 5th August 2008 in USA (via MVD). Each title will be available in a new digipak edition, limited to numerated 2000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc. Thanks to these exclusive reissues fans may once again experience the dark and fascinating world of EverEve.

Bio: (excerpts) The band was formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1993, taking their name from J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. A year later they debuted with a split−CD with Parracide, while in 1995 EverEve recorded their first demo tape entitled On The Verge Of Tears. The material was quite impressive for such a young group, but it wasn't until their second demo release, Songs Of Love And Desperation, that EverEve was noticed by none other than the highly acclaimed record label Nuclear Blast Records. Thus in 1996, the band's debut LP Seasons finally saw the light of day? [...] EverEve promoted their second album on tour with Crematory, which lasted until the end of 1998. In January 1999 Tom Sedotschenko is fired from the band due to artistic differences. The band started to search for a proper replacement and soon stumbled across Benjamin Richter, who fitted perfectly into the ranks of EverEve. While working on their third LP, the group was given the shocking news that in May Sedotschenko committed suicide. The band decided to dedicate their next album to the memory of their friend and colleague. [...] After going on the Nuclear Blast Festival Tour with Hypocrisy and The Kovenant, EverEve changed their drummer to Martin Claas, who already supported the band on that tour. Together they traveled to Ohio for EverEve's first US tour. Soon after their return the band decided to leave Nuclear Blast and sign over to Massacre Records, where they released their next two albums − E − MANIA in 2001 and .enetics − 11 Orgies For Massenjoyment On The Dark Side Of The Planet in 2003, both with Michael Zeissl taking over the vocal duties. The content of these LPs was a definite step towards CYGOROME and a new image for the group. EverEve continued to tour across Europe with bands such as Type O Negative and Subway To Sally, while in the meantime working on a new album. Tried & Failed, released by Massacre Records in 2005, remains the band's most recent effort, proving their strong position on the gothic metal scene.

The future is still ahead of EverEve, but for now, don't waste the opportunity to get to know their fascinating past and try out one of the three exclusive re−issues of some of the band's finest works.

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