Rob Metz At Power Of Prog Fest; New CD Now Available
Date: Friday, June 27 @ 05:00:43 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

A reminder from Rob Metz of the shows that are coming up soon. Rob is also proud to announce the availability of the new CD Axis Shift. The disc was released at the House of Blues show on June 19th and will also be available through CD At CD Baby you can purchase the studio full length CD or high quality digital downloads if you prefer.

Axis Shift is another step in the evolution of Rob Metz as a player and songwriter. This CD has a wide array of guitar tones and stylistic leanings. Much more diverse than previous works. The CD has numerous instrumentation additions - piano, saxophone, orchestral strings and choir and djembe with a much more evident volume dynamic. "I hoped to make the music more accessible stylistically than Legion was. It has rock songs, ballads and some eccentric guitar tones that will appeal to the emotions."

On June 28, Metz will perform at the The Power Of Prog Festival at the Kirkland Arts Center in Clinton, NY, US.

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