Rohmer: The New Project Born From Finisterre's Ashes
Date: Friday, June 27 @ 05:26:24 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Rohmer is a project born from the will of Boris Valle (piano) and Fabio Zuffanti (bass, electronic), founder members of Finisterre, the most important Italian progressive group of the last 15 years with four acclaimed albums and a great number of concerts and tours in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, US and Mexico.

When in 2007 Finisterre broke (due to the abandon of guitar player Stefano Marelli) Fabio and Boris, soon joined by other two Finisterre's members Agostino Macor (synthetizers, mellotron, electric piano, electronic) and Maurizio Di Tollo (drums, percussion, guitars), decide to continue to work together with another name but the same desire of experimentation that countersign Finisterre's music. So Rohmer's music began where Finisterre ends and continues its work between tradition and experimentation, mixing prog, ambient, electronic, postrock, contemporary, minimalism and jazz.

At this moment Rohmer is finishing the recordings of their first album that will call Eliminienne and will be available by September 2008 on AMS/VM2000 label (distribution BTF).

From today [June 16] on Rohmer's official myspace is possible to listen to "LHZ," one song from the fortcoming album:

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