Black Widow Spins A New Web
Date: Saturday, July 12 @ 03:42:52 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

After the success of their DVD Demons Of The Night Gather To See Black Widow Live (Mystic Records) which includes Black Widow's legendary Sacrifice album show from 1970 the band is finally returning with new material.

The new Black Widow project includes many members from the past. Included are Clive Jones, Geoff Griffith, Romeo Challenger and Kay Garret. Paolo Apollo Negri (known of his work for an Italian progressive hard rock band Wicked Minds) has agreed to play keyboards on this project.

Right now at least two bands are recording their versions of Black Widow's classic song "Come To The Sabbat" - the latest additions are The Divine Baze Orchestra (Sweden) and Cannabis (Sri Lanka).

The interest towards Black Widow has been growing all the time and because of that the band hopes to do some live dates also.

[Source: Pasi Koivu]

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