Presto Ballet Is Signed To ProgRock Records And Releases ''The Lost Art Of Time
Date: Sunday, July 20 @ 19:03:52 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metalchurch is back with a second album from his Presto Ballet project, The Lost Art Of Time Travel. Still keeping to his classic 70's progressive rock roots, Kurdt Vanderhoof serves up another hard rockin' classic prog album.

With more epic arrangements this time around, but always with a focus on melody, this album was made using only classic analog synths, Mellotrons, and other similar gear. That's what Presto is all about, we want to keep that sound alive.

On behalf of the band Kurdt Vanderhoof had this to say "Thrilled to be working with ProgRock Records, not only because they do a fantastic job but, they have a love for the music, and that, to me, is the most important thing."

"I really enjoyed the band's first release, and then saw they would be playing at CalProg in 2008 and on further research saw a new album was done, so I took a chance and got a hold of Kurdt, we hit it off right away and a deal was struck almost immediately, I'm looking forward to this one," said Shawn Gordon, President of ProgRock Records.

The Lost Art Of Time Travel is the ProgRock Records debut release and second overall from Presto Ballet and can be found at This is a great follow up to Peace Among The Ruins that is sure to please old and new fans alike. The album is available for immediate order and will ship in mid July and be available at your favorite brick and mortar retailer on September 23, 2008. Presales are discounted $2 on the ProgRock Records site until the album starts shipping. The band will also be performing at CalProg ( in Whittier CA on October 11, 2008.

[Source: ProgRock Records]

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