Intronaut Unvail New Track from ''Prehistoricism''
Date: Friday, August 01 @ 06:22:55 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

If you've yet to find out that Intronaut have an incredibly up to date Blogspot site, head over there now to familiarize yourself with their new disk, Prehistoricism, its release date, artwork and tracklist. Also featured on the site are numerous in-studio videos of the band doing what comes naturally to them; jamming. Click here to get all the goods from

The prog metal geniuses have also posted a new track from their upcoming album, Prehistoricisms (Sept. 16), online. The band is currently working on a video for the track, "Australopithecus" with director Sera Timms (Isis). Metal Kult is proud to have the exclusive download of the track, which can be found by clicking here.

Tomorrow, August 1, 2008, the band embark on the Ultimate Brodeo Tour w/Mouth of the Architect & Behold ? The Arctopus with a show at the Ravari Room in Columbus, Ohio. The tour runs through September 7, 2008.

The track list for Prehistoricisms is as follows:

Primordial Soup
The Literal Black Cloud
Cavernous Den Of Shame
Any Port
The Reptilian Brain
??I. Sleep
??II. Eat
??III. Shit
??IV. Fight
??V. Fuck

[Source: Century Media, Metal Kult website]

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