RoSfest Announces Estradasphere For 09!
Date: Monday, August 18 @ 05:35:01 UTC
Topic: Festival News

Rosfest is pleased to announce Estradasphere as our opening band for May 2nd, 2009

This avant-garde band formed in Santa Cruz, California in 1998. Estradasphere's approach to music blurs the lines between traditional and experimental forms, with a provocative mix of composition and improvisation. Estradasphere is a band of multi-instrumentalists from an unlikely variety of musical backgrounds. Timb Harris (violin/trumpet), Jason Schimmel (guitar/banjo/keyboards/vocals), Tim Smolens (upright and electric bass/vocals), Kevin Kmetz (Tsugaru Shamisen/guitar/keyboards), Adam Stacey (accordion/keyboards/clavinet), and Lee Smith (drums/percussion) were trained in disciplines ranging from classical and jazz to metal. This diverse instrumental and stylistic palette enables them to execute a vast array of orchestrations and even forge entirely new genres such as "Bulgarian Surf," "Romanian Gypsy-Metal," and "Spaghetti Eastern."

So be ready for this great performance by an eclectic and innovative ensemble, as they will surely get your attention on Saturday morning.

Estradasphere Myspace -
Check out the bands bio and MP3 -

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