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Date: Monday, January 26 @ 01:07:07 UTC
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Nathan Mahl - Exodus Available Now. Nathan Mahl unleash their first studio album in over 5 years. Inspired by events depicted in the second book of the Old Testament (and Torah), Exodus focuses on the emotional and physical struggles of those who wish to escape the bonds of slavery.

Musically, the band has approached the subject as a Rock Opera, having as central characters Moses, Pharaoh, and God, further expanding their vocabulary of Symphonic/Fusion/Canterbury progressive rock to include elements of Hard Rock and Metal. The band?s lineup for this new work have all contributed heavily, making this a true collective effort.

Formed in 1981, Nathan Mahl are a Canadian Progressive rock band with Jazz fusion elements. Throughout a constantly evolving lineup of possibly some of the finest rock and fusion musicians from the Ottawa and Gatineau regions, keyboardist Guy LeBlanc is widely regarded as the essence and constant of the band.

Guy appears to be more widely known as the keyboardist for Progressive Rock Legends Camel from 2000 to 2003. Recording and touring resulted in a Nod And A Wink and The Paris Collection (Live).

They have released numerous concept-based CDs to critical acclaim, including Shadows Unbound, and the Heretik Trilogy. Furthermore, they have played several prestigious music festivals including NEARfest, and FMPM.

This Mortal Coil, The New CD From Celestial Oeuvre. New York Progressive Rock band Celestial Oeuvre's new studio CD entitled This Mortal Coil will be released february 2009. Celestial Oeuvre first CD Second Chance, released independently, was very well received in the Progressive Rock Community.

Joe Acaba and Jose Damien founded Celestial Oeuvre in 2004. The band is conceptually a Neo-Classical Progressive Rock force in the old tradition but with a totally modern edge. The music compositions are a collaboration between Jose Damien and Joe Acaba. The music consists of intense vocals riding on rich elements of Rock, Classical, Psychedelic, Funk and Jazz Fusion. The lyrics, which are all written and sung by Joe Acaba, are nothing short of allegory and poetry!

This Mortal Coil will be available in February 2009. MP3 samples coming soon

Agah Bahari Joins The Unicorn Family. Unicorn Digital is proud to announce Iranian guitar player Agah Bahari has signed a deal with Unicorn Digital for the release and promotion of his album The Second Sight Of A Mind.

Agah Bahari's debut solo album The Second Sight Of A Mind is a dream come true for fans of Progressive Rock music. A one of a kind adventurous instrumental progressive metal collaboration between Agah Bahari, Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati and Ric Fierabracci.

"Agah Bahari is writing cutting edge instrumental progressive rock. His guitar playing is very impressive as well," says Derek Sherinian.

"Agah is a great up and coming writer and guitarist who has a really fresh sounding approach that is really welcomed by me," adds Ric Fierabracci. The Second Sight Of A Mind will be available on Unicorn Digital in March 2009.

The Power Trio From Hell Is Back, Junk Farm Didn?t Come To Dance. After their critically acclaimed Unicorn Digital debut album Ugly Little Thing, Junk Farm now presents their very new output Didn't Come To Dance. On this album Junk Farm put all their energy into 13 songs, which are meant to be "in your face." In the typical Junk Farm manner, they cover a great variety of styles on a skilled playing level, without loosing the red line and the main topic "Power-Rock." If you ever wanted to know how it feels to be a stalker, how it is to talk to yourself, what do girls hide in their purse, what it means to grow old or how to write a love song ;-) .... this and much more is covered on this album. Although the music is complex, it is very catchy and easy to listen to. But not to much 'cause, you know: They didn't come to dance!

Junk Farm's Didn?t Come To Dance will be released February 27th 2009. MP3 samples coming soon.

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