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Date: Monday, February 16 @ 00:00:00 UTC
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The Story: Marenne sings like an angel and most of the time, she feels like one. When the midwife heard the first cry she said that this girl surely can sing! Marenne scattered sadness by singing, playing piano and dreaming about the "song box" her father once promised. Marenne sang a lot when she was a little girl and later on she has worked in kindergarten, grocery and automation industry and now she has actually returned to the beginning of that circle and sings from the bottom of her heart.

The first single was released in summer 2007 and Marenne?s own songs started to take shape as well. The single "Pretty White Dress" was on the top-20 chart in Finland for many weeks and now the debut album The Past Prelude is released in Finland on Feb 11, 2009. It is melodic and metallic music with beautiful vocals and powerful guitars.

Marenne band was formed in autumn 2007 with Zachary Hietala (guitar), Janne Tolsa (keyboards), Tom Rask (drums) and Jukka Jylli (bass). This upcoming album The Past Prelude is the result of the first year working together.

Marenne is born to sing, but she is also a productive songwriter and likes the idea of other artists singing her songs too. New songs are born easily and she sings them first as melodic stories and then they appear written on the paper. This songwriter sees wide beyond the musical borders from children?s music to heavy metal following one main principle: the world becomes more beautiful by cherishing the beauty there already is.

Zachary Hietala and his guitars have seen the history of the Finnish heavy metal. He formed the legendary band Tarot over 20 years ago with his brother Marco and Tarot is still going strong! The number of live gigs this man has on his records can?t be counted. Zac gives the sharp edge to The Past Prelude with his striking guitar sounds.

Janne Tolsa and his keyboards lead to many other worlds than the one we are at the moment. Janne is a multi-professional in music and running his own studio and playing in Tarot and with a few other bands keep him busy. Janne also mixed The Past Prelude together with Mikko Tegelman.

Jukka Jylli has played bass in many bands, among the famous Kingston Wall. He might be a bit of a stranger in Marenne band as his background is more in blues, folk and progressive rock. Jukka brings the flavour to Marenne?s music that she wished from the very beginning. This bass keeps the doors open from heavy metal to anywhere else.

Tom Rask in the drums is also a keen musician and a youth worker like his band mate Zac. Tom has played with many groups, e.g. Mannerheim, Problems and Maukka Perusj?tk?. Tomppa kicks the music ahead with his energetic drumming and great personality.

Year 2009 will take us towards our dreams and Marenne band will enjoy the live gigs with their new and old fans!

Tracklisting: "The Stone," "Cold Mornings," "Frozen Tears," "I Wished (Who Can Tell Me)," "My Time," "Dream," "Slow Your Steps," "Under My Hand," "Do You Think of Me," "Land of Misery."

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