Moon Bird To Release Their Seventh CD ''Humans''
Date: Sunday, April 26 @ 05:15:00 UTC
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James Kwiecinski started Moon Bird as a musical project in 2004. Pursuing his music as a solo effort, he began recording in his home studio that year toward the first Moon Bird album The Next Wave. Jim recorded, produced, wrote and performed all of the tracks by himself. Daryl Lynch had joined in on three of the tracks. Jim released two more Moon Bird albums as solo efforts: The Real Needs Of Humanity (2005) and Repairing The Sacred Hoop (2005).

In the summer of 2006, Jim began exploring writing longer themes (in the song "30,000") and also began sending his musical ideas via internet to his old friend Daryl Lynch who lived 2000 miles away in Phoenix, Arizona. Jim and Daryl had met in 1996 when Daryl had placed an ad in a local music paper looking for people with similar musical ideas and tastes (Yes, Genesis, Rush). Jim had lived in Phoenix at the time and the two jammed and wrote a lot until Jim moved to the Catskill mountains in 1998.

After four months of writing back and forth through digital technology, Jim and Daryl released the album Sacred Love in the fall of 2006. Many ideas were brewing and they had just begun to whet their appetite for writing together.

After a month or two break from writing Sacred Love they began right again to write and record the music for their next CD Collateral Damage. Jim, who writes all the lyrics (with few exceptions), had always written about political ideas and world issues, but now he was getting deeper into them and the words of the songs began to focus more and more on global problems. This also pushed up the intensity of the music as is apparent in the song "Collateral Damage." He also wrote about his own personal experience and love in his life. As the situations in the world became more intense his focus also shifted more and more to these areas.

Moon Bird?s next effort would be an album called Red Core. The very intense track "Deadly Ideas" was indicative of the direction of the band. This track denotes the underlying tone of much of their music now which is: the world is run by a handful of ruling elite who dictate how our lives will go and we are enslaved by them. Because of this there is much war and extreme poverty in the world.

After honing their musical and compositional chops on Red Core, Moon Bird moved on to their present release Humans. This album is the band?s most solid holistic piece as a unit. The focus is entirely upon the theme of the human condition: humanity seems to be at a crisis point and the underlying issues must be found and dealt with. In this way, Humans is a concept album that moves from song to song without a break as one piece seamlessly moves to another.

Moon Bird are basically a studio band at this point and focus exclusively on writing their own music. It is their love of creating music and expressing their ideas in that medium that drives them ever forward to new music. Although they are truly a cottage industry, that takes nothing away from their intensity.


1. Humans
2. Don't Let Me Go
3. Front Line
4. Daddy Come Home
5. Full Spectrum Dominance
6. I Just Want To Know
7. Lost Again
8. Somebody Tell Me
9. We Own You
10. Interlude
11. Greed And Ignorance
12. Before The Humans
13. Sea Of Blood
14. Memorial In E Minor
15. We Still Own You
16. Before We Drown
17. Humans ll
18. After The Humans
19. Humans Final Reprise

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