Magic Pie Announced For RoSfest 2010
Date: Wednesday, June 24 @ 04:30:00 UTC
Topic: Festival News

Not new news now that a month has gone by since it was announced, but on May 25, the following news was released: "RoSfest is pleased to announce Magic Pie back to the RoSfest stage as one of our headliners for 2010. The band will play the headlining slot on Sunday night, May 2nd, 2010.

The band was established in 2001 and consists of Kim Stenberg (guitars), Eirik Hanssen (lead vocals, acc. guitar), Gilbert Marshall (organ, keyboards, lead vocals), Eirikur Hauksson (lead vocals, acc guitar), Lars Petter Holstad (bass guitar) and Jan T. Johannessen (drums).

"The characteristic and unique Magic Pie sound is founded on strong melodious songs, blended by powerful vocal arrangements, sparkling guitar riffs, 70's organ and synths, and solid bass-drumwork. The music embraces a wide spectrum of styles, changing from the softest emotional piece to the more heavy metal riffs.

"Even if the band has it's unique sound and signature, influences from Spock's Beard, Deep Purple, Yes, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Flower Kings and Uriah Heep is perceptible in the musical "pie."

"The band signed with Swedish record label Progress Records in 2005 and released their first album Motions Of Desire the same year. In 2007 they released their follow-up and second album Circus Of Life. The total response for the albums has been overwhelming by both musical critics and audience all over the world, and their live performances equal to the musicianship presented in the studio work.

"The band is actively working on their new studio album and it should be ready in time for RoSfest.

"During recent years the band has performed with extreme success at various locations and festivals in USA, Sweden and Norway, peaking at their performance at Sweden Rock Festival 2007.

"Get your slice of Magic Pie at RoSfest in 2010.

"MySpace site
Check out the bands bio and MP3."

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