Echolyn's Brett Kull, Paul Ramsey Form The New Progressives With Francis Dunnery
Date: Wednesday, June 24 @ 04:30:00 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

As posted to their newsgroup and website by Michael Ostrich: "Heard from various reports (okay, from Brett and Paul), it's official - they've joined forces with Francis Dunnery (ex-It Bites) to form The New Progressives. Joining them is Tom Brislin (ex-Yes, Spiraling) on keyboards and Jamie Bishop (ex-Syn) on bass. Not much is known about this project yet but I can tell you that B +P are excited about it. More info can be found on Francis' website, which is

"Just a quick update on the new album - they're almost done the writing & demo process. At this point, it's more about cutting away the fat (as Chris would say) and making sure the new songs are up to snuff. Recording is expected to happen this summer (we hope)."

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