Scarred Sign To New American Metal Label Hard Rock Radio Live Records
Date: Thursday, May 13 @ 02:00:00 UTC
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Scarred, the Los Angeles, California based power metal band has signed to new American metal label Hard Rock Radio Live Records for the release of their latest 4 song EP Haunting Memories.

The band is currently in the studio writing their new 2nd full length cd for release in the near future.

Biography: Scarred was formed in 2001 by guitarist John Toscano. John's vision for the band was to create a new power metal sound combining influences of classic bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and the newer power edge of bands like Nevermore and Iced Earth.

In 2003, they released their debut CD Shadow Of Conspiracy and toured the United States, playing festivals such as the Milwaukee Metal Fest, Chicago Classic Metal Festival, The Gathering of the Bestial Legion Festival and the L.A. Gates of Metal Festival.

The band has shared the stage with bands like Nevermore, Armored Saint, Steel Attack, Primal Fear, Into Eternity, Overkill, Sonata Arctica, HammeFall, Helloween, Metal Church and Death Angel.

After a short break, John once again fired up Scarred and reunited with drummer Andy Salas. Vocalist Eric Claro and bassist Ray Solorio were added to the band's line up shortly after. While the signature Scarred style of John's complex riffs and Andy's wicked rolls and monstrous double bass are still present; Eric's melodic vocals and screams from hell along with Ray's vicious attack and lightning fast fingers on the bass, add a new beastly dimension to the Scarred sound.

Prepare to be Scarred for life...

Haunting Memories Tracklist:

1. Rise Like The Sun
2. Haunting Memories
3. Worms Of The Universe
4. First Encounter

Scarred are: Eric Claro - Vocals; John Toscano - Guitar; Ray Solorio - Bass; Andy Salas - Drums

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