Mojo Pojo Release Self-Titled CD
Date: Monday, May 17 @ 05:30:00 UTC
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From Caracas, Venezuela, Mojo Pojo began when Enrique started jamming with fellow college student Luis Daniel and his brother Jorge at their dungeon/studio/bar.

Having similar musical tastes (ranging form Miles Davis to Morbid Angel), they inevitably got together often and started making the kind of music they liked.

At this time and after extensive searching, guitarist Antonio Narciso joins the band.

After numerous live shows throughout Venezuela, the band releases their debut album independently through their own Angry Pojo Records label on December 23rd, 2009, with the help of several national and international personalities such as: Germ?n Landaeta (Tempano, Mochuelo, etc.) mixing and mastering the material, Hugh Syme (Rush, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, etc.) on the package?s design and artwork, James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary, etc.) contributing a guitar solo and Julio Andrade (Franco Devita, etc.) contributing a sax solo.

It can be purchased in digital and physical format via the online store The album is released through their own independent Angry Pojo Records label. Their style is self-described as "Venezuelan Frit Experimental Prog Rock Avant Garde Kraut Post Punk from Hell" and their influeneces range from jazz to the blackest of metal and everything in between. The album is distributed by Pilla Records in Venezuela and the rest of the world.

Mojo Pojo drummer Jorge "Pepino" Gonz?lez is currently on a club tour thorugh Europe performing live for fellow venezuelan Black/Death Metal band Noctis Imperium, whose upcoming debut album features legendary British drummer Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Testament, Lockup, etc.) on all tracks.

Band Line Up:

Antonio "Toall?n" Narciso - Guitars
Luis Daniel Gonz?lez- Keys
Enrique Perez Vivas - Voice and Bass
Jorge "Pepino" Gonz?lez- Drums
Mar?a Jos? P?rez Vivas- Management


1- Nose Won
2- Llega El Tiempo
3- Drifting
4- Stained
5- Intro
6- Esta Vez
7- McPojo Thai
8- Green & Blue
9- Hole Tone
10- Birds At Dawn
11- Regreso


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