arK Formally Sign To ProgRock Records
Date: Monday, May 31 @ 22:05:00 UTC
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arK, the band led by John Jowitt (IQ, Arena and Frost*) have formally signed to the ProgRock Records label for the release of their forthcoming album Wild Untamed Imaginings.

Shawn Gordon, President & CEO of Prog Rock Records, said: "I'm delighted to welcome John Jowitt and arK to my label, ProgRock Records. Back in the mid-90's I had a musical epiphany - I discovered that prog hadn't gone away, it had just become harder to find for a guy in California. I soon discovered a wealth of new bands in England, well they were new to me! Bands like Jadis, IQ, Pendragon, Shadowland and others.

?And there were a couple of common denominators: musicians whose names just kept popping up in the best of this music. One of those was John Jowitt. I had the pleasure of meeting John and seeing him play at the first two ROSFest gatherings and I was hugely impressed with the quality of music he was involved with.

"So when he approached me about arK, I didn't hesitate for a second. It?s great to welcome John and arK to a group of artists which includes the likes of James LaBrie, Steve Walsh, Michael Sadler and many other notables from the Progressive Rock firmament."

John Jowitt commented: "We're as pleased as punch to be working with ProgRock Records on the new arK album. I've known Shawn for many years from playing shows in the States and his passion for the bands and the music really stood out - he really wanted to make this happen. We?re very excited to be working with Shawn and looking forward to bringing our very English band to a world-wide audience."

Joining Jowitt in the 2010 incarnation of arK are original members Tony Short on vocals and flute, Pete Wheatley - lead guitar, Steve Harris - guitar synth, and new member Tim Churchman, formerly of Darwin?s Radio, on drums.

Jowitt, currently voted British Classic Rock Society?s best bass player, describes the sound as theatrical, folky & proggy!

Says Jowitt ?ARK was my main band back in the late '80s. We won a local bands competition in our first year together and became regulars at Edwards in Birmingham, ending up regularly playing the Marquee. We ended up playing 60-80 gigs a year, including Paris and a double headliner with It Bites at the Noorderligt in Holland, and supported IQ on their Are You Sitting Comfortably tour in England.?

arK?s forthcoming album Wild Untamed Imaginings will be released on 5th September. 2010. It will shortly be available for pre-order at the ProgRock Records website ?

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