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Date: Saturday, January 06 @ 18:57:17 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

In March there will be new albums out from both Galleon and Cross [through Progress Records]. Since their latest releases, From Land To Ocean and Playgrounds, both bands have been undergoing slight changes in their line-ups. After seven albums Galleon's original drummer Dan Fors felt that he had achieved what he wanted with his drumming and called it a day. He is now replaced by G?ran Johnsson, who already made some music together with Galleon's bass player/lead vocalist G?ran Fors for the side project Spektrum back in 2003. The remaining members tell that the arrival of the new drummer has put new energy into the band and that the new album has been recorded in a sense of great enthusiasm. At this moment all basic tracks are recorded and it is mainly the lyrical work and to record the vocals left to do before having the entire album mixed. According to the band we can expect a partly new, more energetic Galleon sound but also many bits and pieces based on the classic style with melodic song writing, fine melodies and wonderful moog solos.

Cross, who for a couple of years have been working as a trio together with Grand Stand's keyboardist Olov Andersson as special guest on the two latest albums, felt that it would be a good thing to work with a permanent keyboard player, someone who could also had the potential to co-write a couple of songs together with the band's head composer and founder, Hansi Cross. And after some contemplation the choice was to invite ... G?ran Johnsson. Yes, the very same guy that now is Galleon's new drummer. Hansi, who also contributed to the above mentioned Spektrum album, had noticed that G?ran was a "not too bad" keyboard player as well and after have heard some of G?ran's own compositions he was struck by two things. The first was "Wow! Some of these songs are really good!" and the second was "Hmmm ... it sounds a bit like my composition and yet not. Interesting!" So, Hansi talked to his band mates Tomas and Lollo about G?ran and they also felt that it was a good idea to ask G?ran to join Cross. So they did and he immediately and happily accepted. So, the same thing that happened within Galleon is now also a fact regarding Cross. The new album is recorded with a large portion of enthusiasm and energy and somewhat sounds as a mix of Gaze, Secrets and Playgrounds but also with a new feel to it.

If nothing unexpected happens, both bands will have their new albums out in March.

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