Demians' ''Mute'' Out Now
Date: Sunday, August 15 @ 03:00:00 UTC
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The new album from Demians is in stores today [Aug 10] in North America (after being released overseas back in June). The band takes the creativity of Dredg, the harder edge of Thrice and the epic nature of Radiohead, and wraps it up in nine new groundbreaking tracks on their sophomore release, Mute.

Demians stem from the brains of Nicolas Chapel, who played all the instruments himself. After creating a real live band with Ga?l Hallier on the drums and Antoine Pohu playing bass guitar, Chapel went on tour throughout Europe multiple times, including a tour with Anathema and opening for such various acts as Jonathan Davis and Ministry.

It's in Normandy, north western France, that he found the perfect place for creating at peace, in a house near the sea. Locking himself up, Chapel once again recorded the album by himself. "This time I wanted to get my own sound. I chose only real instruments, there are no samples on Mute. I played the cello, double bass, violin, drums, piano and a lot of guitars."

Chapel states, "I hope that while listening to this record, people will mute the noise of the outside world and find some sincerity back."

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