Blunken Finalizes Recording Debut Album
Date: Sunday, December 12 @ 21:00:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

The progressive hard rock band Blunken has just finished all work for their upcoming debut album. The yet untitled album has been produced by Carl Canedy from The Rods, who is also taking care of the management of the band. Negotiations are currently held with several labels worldwide to achieve an early 2011 release.

Blunken is a Miami-based progressive hard rock band with many different musical and cultural influences. The band was founded in 2009 by Frank Matyok and Rick Diaz when they remained together from a past project. Bass player Nate Greenberg was at the time involved with his own project, but got on board because he loved the newness of the music.

The band is a tight-knit power trio, who are known for their great live shows. On their yet untitled debut album you can expect progressive rock with reggae twists. The music is diverse, long intense songs with lots of changes, lyrically and musically explosive.

Blunken had the honour to work with Carl Canedy (The Rods) as their producer / manager for this CD. Rick Diaz had known Carl already for several years and they worked together on major projects for big labels. It was a natural move that Canedy would be involved on this CD.

Carl Canedy states: ?We did extensive pre-production for this album. Pre- production paid dividends. The songs were so well arranged and rehearsed that we spent our studio time on sounds and getting kick ass performances out of the band. The guys were focused and that energy was captured." And furthermore: ?What drew me to this band was how hypnotic their songs are. At first you're thinking, 'oh, that's a cool groove,' 'interesting lyric,' 'wow, they went from such a powerful section into a totally different vibe so smoothly.' But in the course of listening you find yourself on this amazing Blunken musical journey. As I was reviewing their music to see if I could bring something to the party I became a fan. Their music just clicked with me as I now see it doing with others. I start out head banging and find myself wanting to 'spark up.' If Blunken were a ride at an amusement park the lines would be the longest. The tees would say 'I survived Blunken.'

Next to Carl Canedy, also Bryan New was added to the team as engineer. New is known from working with Def Leppard, Whitesnake among many, many others.

Blunken is:
Frank Matyok - Vocals, Guitars
Rick Diaz - Drums, Percussion
Nate Greenberg - Bass

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