New Release - Han Uil - ''Dark In LIght''
Date: Sunday, December 19 @ 03:00:00 UTC
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Han Uil (The Netherlands) has been active for some time in the prog world. In 2001 he released the well received album Choking The Stone with Antares and in 2002 he performed with Antares at the ProgPower festival. After the disbandment of Antares in 2005, Han released his debut album Alone in 2006. Assisted by the nearly complete Antares cast, Alone was an album that was in no way comparable to the style of Antares. But it became a relatively calm singer-songwriter album.

In the same year Han came into contact with some guys of Egdon Heath that had started a new band called Seven Day Hunt. Han became the band?s singer and started writing the lyrics for a new CD.

In 2008 he released the album File This Dream with Seven Day Hunt. During the production of File This Dream Han already started working on his second solo album. This album, Dark In Light will be available at the end of 2010.

It is a diverse symphonic / prog rock album where the guitar has been put fairly central. The musical style can be compared with Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Peter Hammill and Porcupine Tree.

Dark In Light features a number of guest performances by Seven Day Hunt-ers Aldo Adema, Jaap Mulder and Carola Magermans.

Visit and listen to excerpts of the album and two full songs.

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