Darzamat Vocalist Nera Forms New Group NeraNature
Date: Saturday, March 05 @ 20:00:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Foresting Wounds, the new solo album by Nera (the female voice of Darzamat) will be released by Metal Mind Productions on the 8th of May.

The idea to form NeraNature was conceived in the beginning of 2009. The singer was searching for a way to communicate, via the medium of music, her thoughts regarding the eternal bond of man and nature, as also her personal impressions regarding her observations of various interpersonal relations and the emotions that accompany them. "I've been searching for the proper time and place for the kind of music and lyrics that would be a medium for my thoughts and beliefs for a long time. The time has come," Nera explains.

The name of the project - NeraNature - doesn't reflect only the artist's preoccupation with the question of the man-nature relation. It can also be interpreted as the nature of Nera, as a representative of women in search of meaning, ever learning from themselves and ever surprised by what lies in the deep of their own selves. It is this feminine tone of Nera's lyrics that constitutes one of the most significant elements of her songs. The lyrics involve the subject of difficult interpersonal relations but also the question of men getting dissociated from themselves and from nature. The beliefs described by Nera in her lyrics aren't only a pose, as she's been a vegetarian and a defender of animal rights for 15 years now.

Nera denies that the formation of her own band marks the end of her cooperation with Darzamat. In fact, the band is soon to play a number of concerts in South America and India. "There's a couple of exotic tours ahead of us but except for the live shows we're not planning any recordings for this year, though I hope we'll still record many new albums with Darzamat. Also, I have many plans regarding NeraNature and the other musicians from Darzamat work on their own side projects as well so it's hard to say right now when that will happen," she adds.

The album Foresting Wounds will consist of 12 atmospheric rock/metal compositions. It was recorded together with the producer Jaroslaw Toifel. 4 demo tracks can be found on the project's official site on Myspace.

[Source: Metal Mind; photo: Satyrja]

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