Z Records' Z Rock Festival Features Headliners It Bites
Date: Thursday, March 31 @ 17:10:38 UTC
Topic: Festival News

We've not been covering Z Records much in the last few years - moving away from the melodic rock arena I guess news-wise, I don't know. Well, I should, I'm the editor, but... Nevertheless, Z Records holds an annual Z Rock Festival; this year's edition is May 15 at the The Asylum in Birmingham, England. On the festival's bill is It Bites, headlining, the fact of which prompted this news item.

Also on the bill, Daylight Robbery, Sacred Heart, Tara's Secret, Takara, Mad Max, Arabia and Legion.

We've no special fest page set up, cuz we've got no reviews to feature at all. Yes, much to my surprise, we've not yet reviewed a single It Bites title [ that bites -ed.].

[Source: From the Z Records newsletter, but mostly editorilizing from PW's editor]

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