Iconophobic: Satire, Bizarre Phobias & Embryonic Love: Prog-Rock Album From Iran
Date: Sunday, April 24 @ 13:30:00 UTC
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- "...a great deal of variation in the sounds and textures contained within the excellent disc." - Iconophobic Review, Terrascope Online, Phil McMullen, Dec 2010 [link]
- "An experimental with swirls of guitars like Robert Fripp's..." [In French]- Iconophobic Album Review, Harmonie Magazine #70, Philippe Gnana, Nov 2010 [link]
- "A real unique progressive instrumental album." - Iconophobic Review, Harmonic Lizard, Todders, Nov 2010 [link]

Rock music is of course not rooted in Iran, but the enticement within the genre has strikingly pierced Salim Ghazi Saeedi’s heart in his hometown. Living in a country with total domination of traditional culture, Salim has globally released his 4th album, Iconophobic. An album as a "strong statement from Saeedi on life in his home city of Tehran" (Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility webzine, Sep 2010) or let's say “a stream of conscious story without words." (Christy Claxton, Stave Magazine, Sep 2010)

Iconophobic is an instrumental concept album on "fear of the world of imagery," composed and performed for electric guitar, bass and synthesizers by Salim, hiring various elements of classical, electronic and progressive rock music to communicate artist's extreme feelings: Satire, bizarre phobias, ecstatic joy and embryonic love are themes of this daydream...

"Pictorial rock," Salim says "is a term I use for my music that is usually based on series of mental images, a nightmare or maybe dreams of a sound sleep..." In this regard the album is accompanied by visualizations. "... However that as a listener, you have to wait for the pictures to materialize in your mind!" Salim adds.

The album is available for purchase at www.salimworld.com. Salim is currently preparing this album for performance with a medium-sized band.

You can also find it at CDBaby

Bio: Salim Ghazi Saeedi was born in 1981 in Iran, Tehran. Since 1999 he started self-teaching guitar and music composition.

He has composed three albums -- Abrahadabra (2006), Sovereign (2007) and Ustuqus-al-Uss (2008) with the band Arashk. His fourth album, Iconophobic was released in 2010 under his own title, in which he played the roles of composer, guitarist, keyboard player, drums arranger, mixing engineer and producer.

His albums could be regarded as concept albums, hiring elements of classical and electronic music and progressive rock with diversified use of instruments. He describes himself as "an ever improviser ... either in performing, composing or choosing the instrument!"

Besides being an instrumentalist and composer he has also extensive experience in sound recording and studio devices including controllers, keyboards and DAW based music production and related hardware/software.


[Source: Salim Ghazi Saeedi]

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