Early Classic From Lars Eric Mattsson Gets A 2011 Remix/Remaster For Digital Onl
Date: Sunday, June 19 @ 13:00:00 UTC
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Lion Music are pleased to announce the launch of our new purely "digital" release range. With the growing popularity of legal downloads we are using this platform to offer up some out of print classics as well as introduce some new special releases from selected artists. In addition to the Lars Eric Mattsson reissue, there are two other titles:

Brand New Releases

Virtual Mind - Shattered Silence
Coming Very Soon On I-Tunes

Virtual Mind are a progressive metal band formed by guitarist Francesco Fareri. The debut album coming out soon is a mixture of heavy metal and progressive style with actual lyrics and personal events that influenced the total songwriting. Francesco wrote all music and lyrics trying to create something new in this genre of music.

The band is composed by Francesco Fareri 7 & 8 string guitar, renowned singer Titta Tani (ex-DGM, ex-Astra, Ashent, etc), drummer Dario Ciccioni (Twinspirits, Empyrios, Empty Tremor, Khymera, etc.) and bassist Emanuele Calvelli (Noumeno).

Everything happened when Francesco left his last band and was searching for a singer with powerful and delicate colours of the voice and so he met Titta Tani. In few weeks Titta reviewed the songs and gave some good feedback so Francesco and his close friend Mauro Tonelli started to work on lyrics. Meantime Emanuele recorded all the bass tracks and Dario Ciccioni programmed drums exactly as he could play them. Over the following weeks the album was recorded, mixed and mastered and picked up by Lion Music for release on their digital album network in-mid 2011.

Massimo Izzizzari - Electrifying
Coming Very Soon On I-Tunes

2nd guitar instrumental album from this fluid Italian guitarist with a style that mixes rock with some modern fusion idioms. First heard on his 2007 Lion Music release Unstable Balance, Massimo has delivered a potent second release of 9 new instrumentals all of which showcase his flawless lead technique over strong rhythmic bedrocks. Fans of the likes of Greg Howe will get a kick out of Massimo Izzizzari’s work with the albums title summing up the musicianship contained within.

Out Of Print Re-Release

Lars Eric Mattsson - Eternity (2011 Version Remixed & Remastered)
Available now on iTunes

1988's original version of Eternity marked the recording debut of guitarist/composer Lars Eric Mattsson. What this early release for Europe and Japan lacked in production budget was more than made up for in the strength of song. The album them got a revamp in 2001 when Lars saw fit to completely re-record the album for its 2001 re-issue for CD on Lion Music. Now some 10 years later, having been out of print for a few years, and after numerous requests for a re-release, Mattsson decided to improve the sound further for this new digital only version.

Eternity in 2011 has seen a remix from the earlier re-recorded 2001 version and has also been remastered to provide optimum sound for the digital age. With all guitar, bass and keyboard instrumentation coming from Lars Eric Mattsson, Bjorn Lodin (Baltimoore) provides the albums gritty vocals whilst long-time Mattsson associate Eddie Sledgehammer performs drums.

Stylistically the album harks back to the age from when the material was penned (mid 1980's) and showcases a neo-classically accented hard rock/metal sound. Fans of Mattsson's more progressive leanings will still find plenty to savour in the lead guitar work on offer. Whilst the dark mystical metal leanings of the song craft lend the album a quality along the lines of 80's classic Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen and early Europe making this one re-issue not to miss.

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