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Date: Monday, April 23 @ 16:06:26 UTC
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In their early April newsletter, Nightmare Records announced the following new releases, all released this past March 27:

Hemina - Synthetic: Hemina are a unique voice in the ever-growing world of Progressive Metal. With a keen sense for melody and harmony. From Australia, the band takes the listener on an 80 minute aural journey into the life of an angel born onto the world, forced to live through our modern world and beyond with this, their debut concept album, Synthetic. Hemina puts melody, songwriting and atmosphere before any of the instrumental histrionics one may typically think of in today's world of Progressive music whilst still maintaining the level of technical proficiency listeners have grown accustomed to.

Dark Empire - From Refuge To Ruin: New Jersey's Dark Empire returns to the scene with their third release, From Refuge To Ruin. Fusing elements of extreme and classic metal, 70's prog rock, and poetic, meaningful lyrics, Dark Empire bring forth a tremendously successful amalgam that is both refreshingly unique as well as raw and aggressive.

A Sound Of Thunder - Out Of The Darkness: A Sound Of Thunder delivers timeless metal with a focus on melodic, memorable songs with a "sardonic twist." Lead vocalist Nina Osegueda is a rare example of a metal frontwoman who delivers powerful, lung-busting performances more akin to Bruce Dickinson than Amy Lee. The band combines traditional heavy metal with elements of modern power metal, '60s and '70s blues based proto-metal combined with prog rock.

Plus, distributed by Nightmare: Suspyre - Suspyre: Their eponymously titled fourth album will be released worldwide April 10th. This collection of music portrays a tonal palette of progressive rock, metal, jazz fusion, funk, and pop. We are very excited to release such a diverse album; fusing the rhythms of funk with the heaviness of metal and harmony of jazz brings new life to the metal genre. We expect to turn heads and drop jaws with this release.

Kemilon - Twisted Storm (out April 17): Montreal, QC, Canada has certainly had it's own share of successful artists in the rock and metal world, that have become household names, e.g. April Wine, and Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush. These bands wrote great songs and shredded on guitar!

Kemilon are a 6 member metal band from Montreal that were formed in 2008, and continue in that tradition of writing great songs on their debut Twisted Storm. The best way to describe the music of Kemilon is to imagine the progressive elements of Dream Theater, but revving it up to the speed of European power metal bands such as Helloween and Gamma Ray. Bravewords describes Kemilon as "inhabiting a similar territory to Kamelot, technical, yet majestic constructions relying on a healthy dose of keyboards and speedy guitars." The debut album of Kemilon is definitely going to "shred," but it will also have a few surprises, such as a power ballad, dueling keyboard and guitar solos, and catchy, fist-raising metal anthems!

Twisted Storm was recorded in Montreal in 2011, and was mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid Productions in Spånga, Sweden (Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquility, Meshuggah, Opeth, Thin Lizzy, etc) in October 2011.

Kemilon have shared the stage boards with Firewind, Powerglove, Kamelot, and Nightwish in their short career. "'The Revolution' is a full blown Rhapsody Of Fire whirlwind song!” - BWBK

Out April 27 is Teramaze - Anhedonia: Teramaze might be Australia's best kept secret ... but that won't last long. As this band is ready to burst out of their home country and make a well-deserved worldwide impact with their metallic alloy brand.

Whilst loosely befitting the genre of thrash metal, the music of Teramaze conjures such adjectives as, "innovative", "progressive" and "groove-laden" but most notably, "engaging." Keeping the fundamental elements of metal alive in their music, Teramaze pushes metal into unchartered waters with guitar work that is incendiary and powerfully aggressive vocals that drive the song.

Anhedonia - a critique of modern man's diminishing ability to experience life's simple pleasures.

The album Anhedonia was produced/mixed by Dean Wells and mastered by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Stuck Mojo).

Teramaze has been creating tidal waves on its native shores of Australia with its explosive live performances and is ready to bring its music to the masses on the world stage.

Think metal spirit... Think future, Think Teramaze...

Coming in May: Order of Nine - Seventh Year Of The Broken Mirror, Shadowside - Inner Monster Out, End Of September - End Of September, and in June, Teodor Tuff - Soliloquy

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