News Bits: Aeon Zeon and Big Elf...
Date: Sunday, July 13 @ 20:15:00 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Just a couple of "smaller" items to post here: One, Aeon Zen released the video for "Unite," the first single from their new album Ephemera. You can watch the video here. [Kinda funny, the South Park inspired parts... not sure really what the rest is about exactly other than it's an obviously beleagered IT person] ...... Secondly, Big Elf released the video for "Control Freak," a track from their latest album Into The Maelstrom, which can be viewed here [and dedicated by me to all the control freaks in my life ;-) - ed.]....

The band will playing this (presumably) and more live next week at Night Of The Prog Festival in Loreley, Germany, at Burg Herzberg in Burg, Germany, and at other live dates in October and November throughout Europe and the UK. Plus, like many other prog artists (Fish, for one), Big Elf are nominated for 3 awards in the Progressive Music Awards 2014 - Best Album, Band of the Year, and Anthem for the track "Alien Frequency" [Not this one then? The control freaks lost control? -ed.].

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