Fish To Release Double Live CD Communion (Website Exclusive)
Date: Wednesday, April 04 @ 05:03:22 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

In his periodic e-newsletter, Fish writes, "The St Mary's [Church] acoustic set is to be released as a double CD on 3 panel digipak in April. The album is called Communion and the track listing is as follows; 'The Field,' 'Jumpsuit City,' 'Favourite Stranger,' 'Shot The Craw,' 'State Of Mind,' 'Tilted Cross,' 'Fortunes Of War,' 'Just Good Friends,' 'Incomplete,' 'Change Of Heart,' 'Lady Let It Lie,' 'A Gentleman's Excuse Me,' 'Rites Of Passage,' 'The Lost Plot,' 'Slainthe Mhath,' 'Chelsea Monday,' 'Scattering Crows,' 'Tara,' and 'Raw Meat.'

"The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm and features Angela Gordon on backing vocals and flute, Anne Marie Helder on backing vocals, Heather Findlay on backing vocals and featured vocal on 'Just Good Friends,' 'Incomplete,' 'Favourite Stranger' and 'Tilted Cross;' Dave Haswell on percussion and Tara Dick on backing vocals on 'Tara' :-)

"The rest of the band are the usual suspects from the RTC tour; Frank Usher, Steve Vantsis, Tony Turrell, Gavin Griffiths and Andy Trill. Communion debuts a number of tracks in a live set: 'The Field,' 'Favourite Stranger,' 'Shot The Craw' and 'Tara' with 'Slainthe' and 'Chelsea Monday' appearing as recorded acoustic versions for the first time.

"It's a very fine album and more than justifies it's place in my catalogue. I am not planning on releasing this to retail until the end of the Summer (if at all) and it will only be available through the web site on mail order. Advance orders will be taken from Monday April 2nd. Communion is priced at #11.99 plus VAT (where applicable) plus relevant postage.

"I expect to have the album by the middle of the month.

"The cover design, another Mark Wilkinson special, and details on the tracks etc are already on the web site."

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