New Releases From Red Lounge Records
Date: Tuesday, April 17 @ 03:58:01 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

A couple of new releases from Red Lounge Records that might of interest to Prog fans, beginning with Prisma - Phantasma (RLR 019 LP). "Never before released heavy progressive krautrock from our hometown Karlsruhe, recorded in 1977. Superb electric guitar leads, over the top keyboards/Hammond organ, bass, drums and great lead vocals in English. Very complex and profilic musicianship in the best Italian progressive rock tradition, but still with that raw krautrock private pressing feeling.

"Long elaborated tracks. On Keyboards Orgel-Wunderkind Sabine Sch?fer who these days records for Deutsche Gramophone Avantgarde Sub-Label WERGO. On Drums Werner K?hn, who, amongst many musical stunts in the local scene, painted the cover for another Karlsruhe band's [album]: Poseidon, who are well known in Prog Circles. This is another release from the Tex Dixigas Karlsruhe Archive, stay tuned!"

The other: Goundshaker - Groundshaker (RLR 20 LP). "Never before released beserk heavy/hard psychedelic Westcoast MONSTER album of the highest order! It includes eight long tracks with furious heavy lead guitar assaults and jams, powerful screaming vocals, fantastic loud bass and drums interplay reminding to many of the numerous milestones of the legendary heavy psychedelic era bands like Morley Grey, Headstone (Still Looking), Titus Oates, and Day Blindness!

"Recorded in Hollywood during 1971/72 at the Paramount Studios and at the Satellite Studios, owned by Wolfman Jack. The band spent time in the San Francisco music scene developing their sound. During this period, Groundshaker played gigs at the Fillmore and every other venue available in the Bay area. They decided to hock their amps and headed to Los Angeles and quickly landed several gigs on the L.A. club circuit. At the Whisky A Go Go they were told they were too loud ... imagine that in the day of massive stacks of Marshall Amps? They also played the Hollywood Palladium, and the Masonic Temple in Hollywood. Groundshaker blew away audiences!!!

"Produced by T.C. Corbett who produced E.G. Mount Rushmore

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