Far Beyond Release "A Frozen Flame Of Ice"
Date: Thursday, September 15 @ 14:39:29 UTC
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As preface to this news item, this was a "sponsored" post in my Facebook feed. But, as I like music - perhaps too much, my finances tell me - I went to the band's Bandcamp's page and am, as I write this, listening to the title track (comments below). For those whose progressive tastes vere towards the progressive/power metal arena - which I know our news often trends towards anyway - I share here Far Beyond's press release for their new album A Frozen Flame Of Ice:

"After over five years of work, I'm very happy to announce that A Frozen Flame Of Ice is finally released. First I want to thank everyone who has supported me on the way to this album. And a big thank you to all of you who have already ordered the album before the official release - THANK YOU !!!

"Most feedback to the album is awesome until now and gives me a good feeling that the effort was worth it:

~ 'Album of the Year award' with 96/100 from Metalreviews.com: goo.gl/5RsT91 ~
~ 92/100 from LordsOfMetal.nl: goo.gl/YBzgZ6 ~

A Frozen Flame Of Ice is available as a beautiful digipak including a 12-paged booklet and of course digital in our official online shop (shipping worldwide!). Of course the digipak also includes immediate download of the digital album including all artwork.

"~ Get your copy here: www.far-beyond.com/shop ~

"It contains 6 songs with 52 minutes of music: 1.) Evernight - Part I
2.) The Song Remains The Same
3.) A Frozen Flame Of Ice
4.) Last Farewell
5.) Unrelenting Force
6.) Evernight - Part II

"Some more links where you can listen to and get the album.

"Digipak & Digital: * The Official Far Beyond Website
* Amazon
* Bandcamp

Digital only: * iTunes
* Apple Music
* Spotify"

Beyond the press release, A Frozen Flame Of Ice is Far Beyond's third release, following the Songs Of Hope And Sorrow (2009) EP and An Angel's Requiem (2005). Far Beyond are Eugen Dodenhoeft and I think no one else. So, "band" and "are" may be misnomers. If this is the performance of just one person - from vocals to guitars to drums to keys - it is very well done (I still remember the less than stellar result Phil Collins had when he tried to do it all; it ain't easy).

Back to the title track (the links to Bandcamp and others are above): I'm not one for the over cookie-monster vocals - certainly not as the main component (building up to, sure, for effect, in context of the track, etc.). But I like the musical elements of this enough that I'm willing to overlook the harsh vocals. It is anything but slow paced, as it moves along at breakneck speed.

I'm not going to try and review this album in one hearing, but some additional comments: Cleaner vocals appear on the next track, "Last Farewell," a track that is heavy and more throttled back. And a mix of clean and cookie-monster vocals appear on "Unrelenting Force," which is the more dynamic of the tracks heard so far (the Bandcamp stream started with the title track and proceeded from there)... of the three, the one I like the most. Made me think of Blind Guardian at times. And the last track, "Evernight - Part II" is epic. I haven't yet swung 'round to the first two tracks - "Evernight - Part I" and "The Song Remains The Same" (which is not a Led Zep cover).

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