Dark Tranquillity Bring Fiction To The Masses
Date: Sunday, April 22 @ 21:08:28 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Dark Tranquillity [were recently] on the Metal For The Masses tour, co-headlining run with The Haunted, Into Eternity and Scar Symmetry. This tour officially launched the record cycle for the band's new album, Fiction, a scorching effort that will undoubtedly add an exhilarating new chapter to the genre's storied history. With Fiction, Dark Tranquillity triumphantly returns to revitalize the genre they helped to create and further cement their status as one of the scene's most influential metal bands.

A new video for the blistering new track "Focus Shift" was recently posted on their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/dtofficial). The clip was shot by acclaimed director Roger Johansson (In Flames, The Haunted) and captures the band's unmatched live intensity.

Look for Fiction in stores on April 24th [...]

[Source: Century Media]

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