Electrum Guitarist Releases Debut Solo CD
Date: Wednesday, May 16 @ 04:19:42 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Electrum guitarist, Dave Kulju, is releasing his debut solo CD Abstract Expression on May 15th. The CD features 9 instrumental compositions that explore various textures and styles within the Progressive Rock genre.

Dave is an independent musician who wrote, recorded, and produced the record in his home studio working with a number of talented guest musicians.

This collection of music while experimental enough for most progressive music fans places a heavy focus on strong melodies and well crafted songwriting. Listeners will be rewarded with hard driving pieces like "Internal Combustion" and "The Main Attraction" but also treated to more contemplative works like "Pleiades" and "The Depth of Autumn." The charm of the quirky and unpredictable are well represented in "Picnic At The Slag Heap" and the lengthy "Somnium."

For more information, free mp3s of selected tracks, and to order CDs or mp3s (available now on Music Forte) please visit www.davekmusic.com.

Electrum has released 2 CDs, Frames Of Mind and Standard Deviation, both of which received critical acclaim within the Progressive Rock community. Electrum is presently on hiatus but may begin work on a 3rd CD this year.

Track listing for Abstract Expression (click links to hear mp3s)

Internal Combustion (4:42)
Don't Mind Me (4:35)
Hieland Road (4:32)
Pleiades (5:38)
Depth Of Autumn (5:57)
Picnic At The Slag Heap (2:19)
The Main Attraction (5:18)
Somnium (15:16)
The Water Discipline (4:59)

Total Running Time (53:16)

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