Queensrÿche - Live Evolution

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Sanctuary Records
Catalog Number: 84525
Format: CD
Total Time: 133:13:00

I think most people have generally been disappointed with Queensr?che's recent studio releases (myself included) and they have acquired a new record label and a new deal (the evergrowing Metal-Is who are sucking up "old" metal artists like there's no tomorrow). Live Evolution is the quintessential best of CD in a live, double CD format.

Whilst the liner notes don't say much (they are rather crap, in fact, with a lack of photos AND information), this disc was recorded over two nights. The first night covered their early career and the second night their latter career. Furthermore, the two discs are broken up into four "suites" - EP/Warning/Rage Suite, Mindcrime Suite, Empire/Promised Land Suite, and the HITNF/Q2K Suite. Even though they are re-releasing the Operation Livecrime album soon, a third of the two discs is taken up by the Mindcrime Suite. Such is the popularity of said album.

I want to point out that I've never seen the band live, but I find two things missing. One is the talents of Chris DeGarmo, who brought many of these songs to the fruition. Kelly Gray plays well on the songs he helped create (Q2K) but on others, well, is he still learning the songs? Possibly. The second is that Geoff Tate seems to have lost a bit of passion in his voice on some of the tracks. Geoff has lost some vocal prowess - his highs are not as high and they are not as long ("Queen Of The Reich"). Like Kelly Gray, Geoff also sings better on the latter material, as they are written more for his waning vocal capabilities.

The songs don't deviate much from their studio counterparts ("The Lady Wore Black" is one different, slower version) and there is not much ad libbing going on in the songs either, but the live sounds comes through fine. Some minor (some might call them major) problems include the fact that they only perform one track from Hear In The Now Frontier ("Hit The Black"). I thought this disc had more than one good song on it. I find it difficult to keep going after the wonderful Empire/Promised Land Suite, as the final suite is such a let down. And I hate writing that because we all love their old stuff but the new stuff doesn't cut it on studio CDs or live.

I find that, like their career, this CD has its ups and downs. The first CD and the majority of the second CD are, for the most, delightful. And then they move into the Q2K period - but there is just a distinct lack of passion even though the songs they have chosen are the better ones from their most recent catalogue ("Liquid Sky," "The Right Side Of My Mind," "Falling Down").

In summary, I don't think that this will be a blind purchase for fans of Queensr?che. Whilst some will hesitate, others will purchase due to habit. Either way you look at it, opinions will be divided. Just like now.

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Disc One: NM 156 (3:56) / Walk In The Shadows (3:37) / Roads To Madness (5:46) / The Lady Wore Black (5:28) / London (4:55) / Screaming In Digital (5:01) / Take Hold Of The Flame (5:15) / Queen Of The Reich (3:48) / I Remember Now (1:13) / Revolution Calling (5:13) / Spreading The Disease (2:29) / Requiem (1:13) / Spreading The Disease (Part II) (1:48) / The Mission (5:45) / Suite Sister Mary (10:41) / I Don't Believe In Love (4:23) / Eyes Of A Stranger (6:17)

Disc Two: I Am I (4:05) / Damaged (4:12) / Empire (4:50) / Silent Lucidity (5:28) / Another Rainy Night (4:37) / Jet City Woman (5:22) / Liquid Sky (4:59) / Sacred Ground (4:05) / Falling Down (5:17) / Hit The Black (3:39) / Breakdown (4:03) / The Right Side Of My Mind (6:29)

Geoff Tate - vocals
Kelly Gray - guitars
Scott Rockenfield - drums
Eddie Jackson - bass
Michael Wilton - guitars

Queensrÿche (1983)
The Warning (1984)
Rage For Order (1986)
Operation: Mindcrime (1988)
Empire (1991)
Promised Land (1994)
Hear In The Now Frontier (1997)
Q2K (1999)
Greatest Hits (2000)
Live Evolution (2001)
Classic Masters (2002)
Revolution Calling (2003)
Tribe (2003)
Art Of Live (2004)
Operation: Mindcrime II (2006)
Essential (2006)
Face To Face (2006)
Mindcrime At The Moore (2007)
Extended Versions (2007)
Sign Of The Times: The Best Of Queensrÿche (2007)
Take Cover (2007)
The Best Of Queensrÿche (2007)
The Collection (2008)
American Soldier (2009)

Live In Tokyo (VID) (1985)
Mindcime (VID) (1989)
Building Empires (VID) (1992)
Live Evolution (DVD) (2001)
Operation LIVEcrime (DVD) (2001)
The Art Of Live (DVD) (2004)
Live (DVD) (2007)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: January 17th 2005
Reviewer: Gary Carson
Artist website: www.queensryche.com
Hits: 1231
Language: english


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