ProgAID - 'All Around The World'

Year of Release: 2005
Label: F2 Music
Catalog Number: 200503S
Format: CD
Total Time: 32:19:00

ProgAID is perfect on many levels. The same song comes in five different flavors, but it is so good, you'd probably want to hear it five times in a row anyway.

The songs are a cross of Transatlantic's "Duel With The Devil" and Yes' "Magnification." It really is that symphonic. This might explain why I like it so much. Speaking of symphonic, the tracks are quite a bit like RPWL, especially in the guitar playing. I would have sworn Kalle Wallner was playing here. This is odd when you consider nobody from RPWL actually signed onto the project. It's really okay since their spirit somehow made it onto the music.

As for the contributing artists, the single features some big names in progressive rock. Neal Morse's voice opens the song. Roine's (Flower Kings) is not too far behind and his guitar playing is just magnificent. There are many other great moments packed into the song that features members of IQ, Pendragon, and Arena. Troy Donockley's (Iona) whistles add a very nice touch as well. Along with these well-known artists, there is a substantial supporting cast. Several dozen artists combined each give their own special gift. The harmonies and hand-offs between vocalists is chilling. Plenty of diverse instrumentations burst out into the mix resulting in the most colorful wall of sound.

Each version features its own subtle twist. My favorite is probably the epic version or as they like to call it, the definitive track. The air mix is a close second, but I can see why the single version is first in the pecking order. It's the one with the most universally-accessible appeal. In addition to these other tracks, there is also cue version and a cool fifth track that's completely instrumental. Last, but not least, there is even a video embedded on the disc that shows the making of this marvel.

In an era when most music releases contain an hour of so of fluff with numerous half-baked cookie-cutter songs, it is nice to see a single with so many quality ingredients. Not only do fans get to hear this gorgeous track five different ways, but buying a copy allows the consumer to contribute to a worthy cause in their own small way.

The ProgAID team has an enormous golden heart. This unprecedented project is nothing short of priceless.

(the score gets a "big" nudge for all of the artists' heartfelt contributions)

Total time above doesn't include documentary -ed

All Around The World: Single Mix (5:25) / Definitive Mix (11:58) / Air Mix (5:17) / Cue Mix (5:02) / Instrumental (5:17) / The Making Of... Documentary

Neal Morse
Anthony Phillips
Pete Trewavas (Marillion/Kino)
Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings)
Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon)
Peter Nicholls (IQ)
Alan Reed (Pallas)
Nick Barrett (Pendragon)
John Jowitt (IQ)
Clive Nolan (Arena/Pendragon)
Gary Chandler (Jadis)
Oliver Wakeman
Troy Donockley (Iona)
Martin Orford (IQ)
Steve Balsamo (Alan Parsons Project)
Heather Findley (Mostly Autumn)
Bryan Josh (Mostly Autumn)
John Mitchell (Arena/The Urbane/Kino)
Steve Babb (Glass Hammer)
Mike Baker (Shadow Gallery)
Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery)
Bruce Soord (Pineapple Thief)
Stu Nicholson (Galahad)
Steve Taylor (Strangefish)
Nigel Voyle (Cyan)
Andy Edwards (Ezra)
Rachel Jones (ex-Karnataka)
Dave Wagstaff (Landmarq/Oliver Wakeman)
Tracy Hitchings (Landmarq)
Steve Gee (Landmarq)
Doogie White (ex-Rainbow/Ynqwie Malmsteen)
Chris Dale (Sack Trick/Bruce Dickinson)
Rob Gould (Fula)
Johnathan Edwards (ex-Karnataka/Panic Room)
Paul Davies (ex-Karnataka/Panic Room)
John Morley
Robert Cottingham


Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin VA

Added: April 5th 2005
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
Artist website:
Hits: 996
Language: english


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