Roth, Uli Jon & Sky Orchestra - Metamorphosis Of Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Transcendental Sky Guitar Vol. III)

Year of Release: 2004
Label: SPV
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:11:00

Uli Jon Roth (formerly of the 70's Scorpions lineup) has a well-established solo career with several releases to his credit. With Metamorphosis Of Vivaldi's Four Seasons -Transcendental Sky Guitar Vol. III you should be aware that in all probability this is his most ambitious and greatest effort to date. The title is indeed indicative of a long and successful career as one of the world's most prominent guitarists reaching the pinnacle of his creative powers. This comprehensive suite of timeless music, now transformed into a modern day rock opera, is split into two parts, The Four Seasons and Metamorphosis. The first part consists of Vivaldi compositions (arranged and orchestrated by Roth) with the exception of the first track "Prelude To The Seasons," and the second consists of all Uli Jon Roth compositions.

According to Roth in his revealing liner notes about the project, he began with the intention of staying focused on the formality and tradition of the music without varying from that course. As his ideas emerged, the metamorphosis of the music began and then everything was subject to change. The difficulty level of putting something like this together was so high that nobody had ever attempted to do it before; hence, this was a major undertaking in every aspect.

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice during the early 1600's, with that fact in mind, I found it interesting that I heard Celtic/Medieval influences in Roth's playing, which is big a step away from the originator's perception and culture. Keep in mind that my ears are listening and not yours; these are my own personal interpretations of the music, so you will have to listen for yourself to formulate your own opinion and meaning, which of course will be well worth the time and effort. This music is no doubt a culmination of his experiences and tastes developed over time interpreted through Vivaldi's work.

Roth's playing is beyond superb throughout this symphonic rock masterpiece. He is so in accord with the orchestra, at times I had difficulty distinguishing between his guitar and the violins. This album is one of the most amazing performances I have ever heard on guitar. Roth enveloped me in totality inside the music; nothing else mattered while I was listening. Speaking of completeness?there is also a large booklet enclosed with a fold out CD case, which Roth adorns with fabulous colorful artwork and poems for your literary proclivity to enjoy while listening to the music. If you are in fact a serious music enthusiast, you will not want to miss this album.

The cover above is the European version, the cover at right is the US version

The Four Seasons: Prelude To The Seasons (1:44) / The Spring: Venga La Primavera (3:27) / The Spring: April Rain (2:24) / The Spring: The Triumph Of Spring (3:59) / The Summer: Tales Of The Summer Wind (4:58) / The Summer: Thunder In July (1:33) / The Summer: The Tempest (Tuona E Fulmina (3:19) / The Autumn: Cheiron And Selenos (4:41) / The Autumn: Teardrops In October (2:01) / The Autumn: Artemis (3:13) / The Winter: Ice, Wind & Fire (3:14) / The Winter: Sleighbells At Yasnaya (2:10) / The Winter: War Of The Winds (2:55) Metamorphosis: Metamorphosis: Thunder Cadenza (1:25 ) / Metamorphosis: Cry Of The Night (2:28 ) / Metamorphosis: Summer's Breath (0:42 ) / Metamorphosis: Rodeo From Hell (0:57 ) / Metamorphosis: Les Adieux (1:26 ) / Metamorphosis: Springtime Euphoria- 2:11 ) / Metamorphosis: The Heart Of Chopin (2:17 ) / Metamorphosis: Dance Of The Water Spirits (0:45 ) / Metamorphosis: Transfiguration (1:18 ) / Metamorphosis: Venga La Vita (2:08 ) / Postlude: The Morning Of Forever (2:56)

Don Airey - harpsichord
Nick Holland - cello
Chris Lowe - percussion, tympani
Uli Jon Roth - guitar, arranger, director, narrator, poetry, producer, liner notes, artwork, orchestration, mixing, photography, concept, paintings
Brian Wright - violin
Lucy Shaw - double bass

Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow (1974) Scorpions - In Trance (1975) Scorpions - Virgin Killer (1976) Scorpions - Taken By Force (1977) Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes (1978) Electric Sun - Earthquake (1979) Electric Sun - Fire Wind (1981) Beyond The Astral Skies (1984) Aquila Suite (1991) Sky Of Avalon - Prologue To Symphonic Legends (1996) Transcendental Sky Guitar (2000) Legends of Rock: Live at Castle Donnington (2002) Metamorphosis (2003)
Under A Dark Sky (2008)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin DE

Added: February 23rd 2004
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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