Ruby Bullet - Nothing Left To Bleed On

Year of Release: 2007
Label: Victorious Pirate Records
Catalog Number:
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

I've been following the fate of melodic post-prog band Ruby Bullet in its various incarnations since I first saw them in New York in 2002, when they were performing as Sexdigital. Five years and many more band members later they have cut out all the fat, leaving only the core duo of Suzanne Sterne and Pete Vassil. Their long overdue debut release Nothing Left To Bleed On (Victorious Pirate Records, 2007) is indeed a tribute their perseverance, as well as to their creativity and amazing musicianship.

It's no stretch when I say that Sterne is probably the most talented female in rock - ever. At first listen you'll notice her gorgeous voice soaring over the complex guitars and manic bass lines. Then you'll read the liner notes and realize that she's performing those complex guitars and manic bass lines! To see her live is indeed a rare treat: she switches between bass and guitar duties with a power that belies her petite stature.

Drummer Vassil is no less extraordinary. Imagine: Dave Grohl meets Tommy Lee - playing jazz! Vassil artfully dodges in and out of alternate time signatures with the grace and power of both bodybuilder and ballerina.

The sound is raw and organic, alternatingly punk, then jazz and then metal. The lyrical content is quite dark; Sterne must have worked through some real issues when writing this album.

Their greatest strength of this duo lies in their subtlety. They seldom play in 4/4 but they do odd-times so eloquently the non-musician might not even notice. They craft elaborate, dissonant runs that don't sound that difficult - until you try to figure them out! Most of their songs top out at 4 minutes, just enough time to create something both powerful and effective. It's a bit like a striptease - they never show you everything they have at once.

I find myself putting this album on repeat more that any other recent release. After releasing a demo version of the album last year I'm thrilled to have the final product in my iPod. This is one band I will be following for quite some time.

Demons and Illusions / In My Silence / Fall / Thorn / What I Know / Leave It Behind / My Everything

Suzanne Stern - guitar, bass, vocals
Pete Vassil - drums

Nothing Left To Bleed On(2007)

Genre: Modern Prog

Origin US

Added: February 23rd 2007
Reviewer: Dom Roark
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Language: english


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