SupaRed - SupaRed

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Noise Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Listing all the styles and genres for SupaRed was a challenge. I would stop and think for a moment then come up with one more to add to the list. It was easy enough to do after several listens to this classic rock 'n' roll album. You will be surprised as well once you hear this music; it gets better with each listen. This is the kind of album without any filler tracks, its all 100% straight attcha rock without the unneeded additives. I say without any reservation whatsoever?this is the real deal.

Lead singer Michael Kiske (formerly of Helloween) sounds a lot like Tony Lewis of The Outfield. His voice gets very high and it has an effortlessness that helps certain songs get into a pop oriented groove when necessary. Do not think for second however that this is pop music, this is a rockin' set of tunes, and the pop influence is minimal at best, but its there nevertheless.

The opener "Reconsider" serves notice that these boys are in no mood to pussyfoot around and they take no prisoners. That song sets the precedence for everything thereafter. They rock hard and fast right from the start and do not let up until the last note is reverberating in your ears. They do a few lower key numbers to balance things out, but in general, they stoke the fires of good old rock 'n' roll with style. This music will appeal to a larger audience because they lessen the impact of the harder more forceful aspects of their music with the fabulous melodic timing of Sandro Glampietro (guitars), Aldo Harms (bass), Jurgen Speigel (drums) and the superb vocal talents of Kiske, without sacrificing anything to maintain a strong core audience that prefers metal without any fluff.

This CD has 14 great songs and 14 songs make up this CD, so they batted a .1000 as far as I am concerned. It is indeed a rare thing to find that kind of consistency in anything you hear today. People that appreciate rock, metal, progressive, pop, and all of the above will find genuine enjoyment listening to this band. I would be willing to bet Kurt Cobain (god rest his soul) is smiling upon these boys when they get together and play.

Turn It (4:09) / Can I Know Now? (4:44) / Let's Be Heroes (4:14) / He Pretends (3:54) / Freak-Away (4:18) / Hey (4:53) / Boilingpoints of No Reburn (3:57) / Ride On (4:57) / Hackneyed (3:32) / That's Why (2:57) / A Bit of Her (4:02) / Overrated (3:31) / Dancers Bug (2:32) / Turn It (3:21)

Michael Kiske - vocals
Sandro Glampietro - guitars
Aldo Harms - bass
Jurgen Speigel - drums

SupaRed (2003)

Genre: Rock

Origin VA

Added: March 24th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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