ST37 - Spaceage

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Black Widow Records
Catalog Number: BWRCD 020-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 74:43:00

The American outfit ST37 has its music float through your living room. On Spaceage astronauts will feel at home by means of weightless sounds from the Hawkwind stable. Yet ST37 uses very little of those typical "pfwietsch" synth sounds which we find in droves on one of the 834 Hawkwind albums! On Spaceage we do find a reasonable amount of covers such as "Orgone Accumulator" from Brock and friends, "No Talk In The 80's" by The Hates, "March Of The Chrome Police' by Chrome, "Vitamin C" by Can and "Deutsche Nepal" by Amon Düül which meanwhile introduces a fair share of Krautrock as well. Dark space journeys with occasional outbursts to evade the meteors. Not the kind of album you would give a spin every day but still more interesting than the latest Ozric Tentacles product.

Heather Catherine Tallchief (5:38) / Vitamin C (7:50) / No Talk In The 80s (5:08) / Fight Machine (8:37) / Concrete Island (7:21) / Eating Dirt (2:23) / Deutsch Nepal (4:45) / Strangury (5:) / Night Jetz (7:51) / Orgone Accumulator (6:06) / If Your Mind Expands, Your Head Will Hurt (4:15) / March Of The Chrome Police (2:20) / Night Of Heaven (6:59)

Dave Cameron - drums
Carlton Crutcher - vocals, sequencer
Joel Crutcher - guitars
Cisco Ryder G. - drums
Scott L. Telles - bass, keyboards, drones

Billygoat Nothinghead (cass EP) (1987)
Feature Silica Vicarious (cass/LP) (1988)
Dimensions Give Quiet (Imaginary Soundtracks) (cass/LP) (1989)
From Space w/Love (cass/LP / CDR remaster) (1989/2007)
The Invisible College (1992)
John Deere Isolation Tank (cass) (1994)
Glare (LP) (1995)
Derobe (split LP w/Vocokesh) (1997)
Spaceage (1998/2005)
The Secret Society (LP) (1999)
I Love To Talk?If There's Anything To Talk About (2000)
Down On Us (2002)
Vicarious Billygoat (CDR remaster) (2007)

Genre: Electronic

Origin US

Added: January 30th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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