Porcupine Tree - Recordings

Year of Release: 2001
Label: KScope/Snapper
Catalog Number: SMACD840P
Format: CD
Total Time: 61:52:00

During their stint with Snapper music, Porcupine Tree have released two of their best albums with Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun. The balance between acoustic pop, psychedelic influences and progressive touches has truly merited them the label of "21st Century Pink Floyd." Recordings consists of single B-sides and unreleased gems recorded between 1998 and 2000. The album opens with the lengthy "Buying New Soul" which is written around the patented Porcupine Tree trademark consisting of acoustic guitars and spacey sounds interspersed with abundant rhythmic outbursts. This ending with a repetitive pattern which forms a natural backdrop for Wilson's guitar pyrotechnics -- this is the Porcupine Tree we all love so well.

Very poppy and featuring Steve Wilson on hammered dulcimer, "Access Denied" was recorded during the Lightbulb Sun sessions but rightfully omitted from the finished album as it sounds too retro, too much "eighties new wave meets silly avant-garde." Since the band's arrival on Snapper, the label has tried hard to promote the band to a wider audience by releasing a fair amount of singles. Needless to say both vinyl 7" and CD-singles were released in limited supplies and were almost impossible to find from the day they were released. So it's no luxury that "Cure For Optimism" and "Untitled" from the "Shesmovedon" CD-single; "Disappear" and "In Formaldehyde" from the "4 Chords That Made A Million" CD-single and "Ambulance Chasing" from the "Piano Lessons" CD-single are included here. Especially "Ambulance Chasing" is one hell of a track, taking off with some weird drumming including slight eastern influences which are extra underlined by the saxophone of Theo Travis. Then in steps some stunning Gilmour-like guitar playing by Steve to get the Porcupine Tree rollercoaster on its way.

Recorded during the Stupid Dream sessions, part one of "Even Less" was included on the full album, whilst the second part featured on the "Stranger By The Minute" CD-single. Including the East of England Orchestra, this is the first time the full 13'55" version can be heard in all its glory. The experimental stage is once again closed when fierce drumming sets the pace turning the song into a hypnotic experience with Steve freaking his way in and out. Once again acoustic guitars introduce the calm before the main theme is taken over once again. The album closes with "Oceans Have No Memory" which previously only was available as the B-side of the "Piano Lessons" 7-inch. Featuring Steve Wilson on guitar and Hammond organ, the song kind of emulates early Fleetwood Mac, making way for a younger Peter Green. It's no "Albatross," yet it's one of the nicer songs on this collection.

Recordings is mainly aimed at the Porcupine Tree collector, but then again these fans might already have most of the material, as they probably have all of the PT releases in their collection anyway. That is if they could get their hands on those releases in the first place. For those of you who liked both Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun, you'll certainly love this!

Buying New Soul (10:24) / Access Denied (3:35) / Cure For Optimism (6:11) / Untitled (8:53) / Disappear (3:37) / Ambulance Chasing (6:32) / In Formaldehyde (5:19) / Even Less (13:55) / Oceans Have No Memory (3:06)

Steve Wilson - vocals, guitars, keyboards, brains
Colin Edwin - bass
Chris Maitland - drums, percussion
Richard Barbieri - keyboards

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Voyage 34 - The Complete Trip (2000/2004/2005
'4 Chords That Made A Million' (2000)
Lightbulb Sun (2000/2008)
'Shesmovedon' (2000)
Lightbulb Sun - Special Edition (2001)
Recordings (2001)
Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1991 - 1997(2002/2005)
Metanoia (2002)
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In Absentia (European version) (2003)
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Deadwing (2005)
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Fear Of A Blank Planet (2007)
Nil Recurring (2008)
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Arriving Somewhere... (DVD) (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: July 26th 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.porcupinetree.com
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Language: english


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