Quarkspace - Spacefolds 7

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Eternity's Jest Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:32:00

Keith reviewed this and Spacefolds 6 in the same review; they appear separately in the database

Quarkspace is a resolute spacerock band with the intent of taking you into the inner sanctums of your mind with each composition that they present. They were successful in taking me away to a place that I desired to be. At times this music is like mood music, and other times it will alert your senses and awaken your sleepy consciousness. I really do have to be in the right frame of mind to accept this as a true work of musical compositions. Any given day that this is spun, and at the wrong time, and I may say that this is nothing but a bunch of synthesizers making noise. It's like anything else, your perception is derived from your attitude and state of being. My feelings and emotions were in the need of calming and this music served the purpose.

I listened to the most recent release first, Spacefolds 7. I found there were many instances during the progressive phases of musical development that all at once it would stop and a beautiful solo piano would change the entire sound and picture that the music was painting. This I felt was not only clever, but also very insightful by the artists. To approach as many different listeners in one sitting is the best way to appeal to a cross section of listeners rather than focus on any one particular click of people or musical genre. Spacefolds 6 was a more upbeat and progressive harder edged listen. It never really gave me the chance to drift or become engaged in a meditative state. This type of music could easily do that. There is a reason its called spacerock.

This entire experience was an enlightening and positive one prompting me to seek out more music like this to heal my soul and to space out and relax with.

Black Star Shining (8:11) / The Translight Limited (4:42) / Jay, The Prog Boy (3:15) / Fissure (6:28) / Red Star Pulsing (6:06) / Fujita (5:26) / Appliances Of The Gods (5:16) / The Living Stone (4:48) / Green Star Shooting (10:59) / Chippertronics, Vol. 1 (6:23) / True Millennium (4:40) / Blue Star Glowing (6:16)

Chet Santia - bass, guitar, guitar synth, vox, percussion
Jay Swanson - keyboards, percussion
Paul Williams - drums, keyboards, loops, samples, percussion
Stan Lyon - stunt guitar and bass
Darren Gough - guitarist emeritus
Dave Wexler - guitarist emeritus deux

Quarkspace (1996)
Live Orion (1998)
Spacefolds 1 (1996/2001)
Spacefolds 2 (1997/2001)
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Spacefolds 4 (1998/2001)
The Hidden Moon (1999)
Spacefolds 5
Spacefolds 6 (2000)
Spacefolds 7 (2001)
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Spacefolds 8 (2007) [online only release]

Genre: Psychedelic/Space Rock

Origin US

Added: August 31st 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

Artist website: www.quarkspace.com
Hits: 1053
Language: english


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