Sonus Umbra - Snapshots From Limbo

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Moonchild Artists
Catalog Number: CD 7275
Format: CD
Total Time: 61:37:00

Sonus Umbra (formerly Radio Silence) is Ricardo Gomez (electric & acoustic guitars), Luis Nasser (bass, Korg 01W, acoustic guitar, vocals), Jeff Laramee (drums, percussion, vocals), Andres Aullet (lead vocals) and special guests Lisa Francis (vocals), John Grant (electric & 12 string acoustic guitars), and Tapabrat Pal (tabla).

This is the kind of music that continually intrigues and challenges you to find more in each song with each listen. The first thing that starts a thought process is the fascinating cover. Many folks may say it is weird; yes it is different...but doesn't it make you wonder what it stands for? Progressive rock has always had colorful artwork on the cover of their recordings (thank you Yes and Roger Dean) with a science fiction or mystical spaced out theme.

All of these songs are filled with the beauty and savagery of the music. To me that is the very essence of prog rock, the ability to combine both of those factors and successfully project images interpreted by each artists through their own thoughts and feelings throughout the music. Sonus Umbra's Snapshots From Limbo is a consistently strong album from start to finish. "Doppleganger" and "Seven Masks" are each over seven minute compositions that are filled with lush and striking magnificence. The guitar is gorgeous and attractive then it changes quickly to a hammer of the gods that shakes and moves you like thunder and lightning, thus the difference between the acoustic and electric guitars. The keyboards of Luis Nasser are what the music is built upon, and the main instrument that thrust the other instruments into a cascade of picturesque musical splendor. Nasser also plays a commanding bass to sync the rhythm section with the odd time signatures that are the norm in prog rock. Wake up and smell the coffee all of you music lovers, progressive rock is in the middle of fabulous growth period that is a complete joy to partake in. Join me now.

Ghosts From The Past (2:38) / Doppelganger (7:52) / Seven Masks (7:42) / Demons (3:50) / Soul Dusk (4:28) / The Eagle Has Landed (4:19) / Erich Zann (5:27) / A Season In Hell (4:55) / Homo Homini Lupus (7:45) / Insects (12:13) Part I: The Watcher (Larval Epiphany) Part II: Metamorphosis Part III: Imago (The Meat Sickness)

Andres Aullet - vocals, Korg Trinity
Ricardo Gomez - electric and acoustic guitars
Jeff Laramee - drums, percussion and vocals
Luis Nasser - bass, Korg 01W, acoustic guitar and vocals
Lisa Francis - vocals
John Grant - electric and 12-string acoustic guitars
Tapabrata Pal - tabla

Snapshots From Limbo (2000)
Spiritual Vertigo (2003)
Digging For Zeroes (2005)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin MX

Added: September 24th 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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