Soniq Circus - Soniq Circus

Year of Release: 2007
Label: Progress Records
Catalog Number: PRCD 026
Format: CD
Total Time: 47:24:00

The voices are so overproduced that they almost sound as if they are coming through a muted megaphone. One has to wonder how their singing voices would sound in person. Either that or these melodic clowns have very unique vocal cords. Nevertheless, it's appropriate when you consider the content of this concept album. Incorporate the superstitious artwork and its synthesized name, and it fits within the progressive context of this carnival of sorts.

Like Genesis, the lyrics hold a pails worth of meaning, whereas it's melodically inline with Hourglass, Magic Pie, Salem Hill, and Little Atlas. It also sticks to the tangled web of Eyestrings. Yet, when all's said and done - and you've put all these timeless pieces together - it most closely embodies the spirit of the sister-spectacle known as Ghost Circus. Additionally, several elements ring true with a similar-sounding label-mate named Shadow Circus.

Due to its consistent viscosity, there is no further breakdown that will provide you with more valuable trivia. I suggest you gain admittance to their circus if the above bands interest you.

By the way, why is it that there are so many bands or albums with the name circus in it? I've already referenced a couple new submissions to the list. Not to mention, Circus Of Life is a recently cooked album. Art Rock Circus and Circus Maximus are examples of band names; however, there is little overlap found here in those styles. So, it's not a clear indicator of what you'll find behind the flap. Couple these comparisons with Moonlight Circus, Circus of the Absurd, and Flying Food Circus, and you have competition among the various convivial carnival acts.

Whatever the case may be, don't let this cause a distraction or allow this disc to get lost in the shuffle. The ditties on this compilation are worthy of a trip. So are the ones on the similarly-named bands. Don't miss out on the extravaganza. They're so unknown; it's hard to say if you'll get another reminder. Additionally, they'll need your patronage to pack the tent. You'll thank me later. The purchase price is a mere drop in the bucket for what you'll get in return.

Like any new talent in the modern world of Progressive Rock, these guys utilize the tools and the technology to the fullest. While the drums and bass are great, the keyboards and guitars are impressive. The heyday for progressive rock and circus acts might have gone to the wayside with the seventies, but it's getting to be that the current surfeit of skills is starting to outweigh what we had in that decade long ago.

With bands such as Soniq Circus, add another extravagant diamond to the pile.

Overture (3:15) / Welcome (4:35) / Bright Future (8:26) / Revolution (5:05) / An Idiot (8:15) / Chain Of Consequences (9:00) / Colliding Stars (8:48)

Marcus Enochsson - guitars, vocals and percussion
Mathias Beckius - keyboards and percussion
Carl Johan Lennartsson - lead vocals
Markus Nilsson - basses
Christer Ugglin - drums

Soniq Circus (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin SE

Added: November 25th 2008
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
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Language: english


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