Silent Force - Infatuator

Year of Release: 2001
Label: InsideOut Music America
Catalog Number: IOMACD 2028
Format: CD
Total Time: 59:50:00

DC Cooper (vocals), Alexander Beyrodt (guitar), Jurgen Steinmetz (bass), Torsten Rohre (Keyboards), and Andre Hilgers (drums) are the group Silent Force. I don't know where they came up with their name but there is nothing silent about their latest release Infatuator. They are progressively metal and charged with a mountain of electrical emotion. They sound influenced by groups such as the great Queensryche. I couldn't possibly pay them a higher and more esteemed comment than that.

At first I wasn't sure if this was going to be my cup of tea. My listening tastes walk a fine line between prog and metal. If it spills over into mindless head banging it's all over for these ears. I gave it a fair chance and found myself very pleased by the time I got finished listening. "Infatuator" was one of my favorites; it has the right combination of lyrics and music. The music is the driver and the lyrics provide the steering. Its unquestionably infatuation unrestrained, and you have to love it.

What prog album is complete without some kind of grand mystical trilogy? Or something like J.R.R. Tolkien would write? They don't disappoint with "Trilogy: Cena Libera * Gladiator * The Blade." It serves as an arousal of the senses and it paints a vivid musical story that will capture you and take you away. With stellar production, the brute force of their musical weapons, and a sound that will annihilate any other thought process that you may have going on; Silent Force is one serious metal act on a mission. Now if the audio portion isn't enough? The Mpeg video of "See Beyond" will put you away once and for all; it was the final blow for me. The video is a stunningly clear visual representation of one of their concerts, and the song is spellbinding.

This is prog-metal nirvana people. Do you want to rock honorably? Do you want to hear a group that will make your blood rush to your brain and push you to an emotional climax that will never let you down? If the answer is "yes," do I have the album for you! This is better than any drug you could ever imagine. It's all natural and its safe for consumption. Indulge, consume, and enjoy the decadence.

Released in Europe by Massacre Records (MASCD0299)

Infatuator (4:46) / Fall Into Oblivion (5:17) / Hear Me Calling (5:28) / Promised Land (5:03) / We Must Use The Power (6:10) / All Guns Blazing (3:27) / Trilogy: Cena Libera (0:26) - Gladiator (4:36) - The Blade (6:24) / Last Time (4:48) / World Aflame (5:26) / In Your Arms (6:05) / Northern Lights (1:48) / Bonus MPEG Video: See Beyond (4:41)

DC Cooper - vocals
Alexander Beyrodt - guitar
Jurgen Steinmetz - bass
Torsten Röhre - keyboards
André Hilgerss - drums


Inka Auhagen - vocals (12)

The Empire Of Future (2000)
Infatuator (2001)
Worlds Apart (2004)
Walk The Earth (2007)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin DE

Added: November 25th 2001
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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