RPWL - Stock

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Tempus Fugit
Catalog Number: TF VÖ 10
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:45:00

In 1997 a Pink Floyd cover band was founded by the name of RPWL, and this cover band was very good, so they quickly dropped the cover part and started to compose their own songs. The musicians found the compositions and instrumental work very important and thus invested much time in composing and recording, with results they would never have dreamed of. Their debut album, God Has Failed, was very well received by the world wide prog press. A lot of credit goes to Karlheinz Wallner (guitars) and practiced producer Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboards), who have their own studio at their disposal. Also the second album, Trying To Kiss The Sun, was received very well, although they had to deal with a change in the line-up. Now they have released their third studio album, an album with songs that stylistically differ from the first two albums.

The opening song is a good example of this: "Opel," a Syd Barret cover, not only showing where their roots are, but also showing what excellent musicians they are. The songs on the album are noted for strong and melodic compositions, fantastic vocals and subtle keyboard arrangements. Although the Pink Floyd influences are there, the band have their own style. I think you could say they combined the best of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree (e.g. The Sky Moves Sideways) and even the Manic Street Preachers. Yogi Lang's voice reminds me at times of Andy Latimer of Camel and sometimes of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). Unfortunately most of the songs are quite short, a few even under two minutes, but luckily also a quite long song: "Gentle Art Of Swimming" is just over 10 minutes and the highlight of the album. An excellent prog song with a lot of keyboard experimentation and psychedelic sounds and even a small guitar solo. "Who Do You Think You Are" has a bit of a Beatles / 10CC sound, with a great mellotron intro and even more Beatles influences in "Sun In The Sky," a bit more psychedelic though. The album ends with two tracks called "Forgive Me / Part 2" and "Forgive Me / Part 3;" again excellent atmospheric prog songs, but with a little surprise at the end of the disc. When the last track ends, the disc will keep on playing for a few minutes and then RPWL treats you to a hidden bonus track ... find out for yourself how this one sounds!

Stock is a very atmospheric album with an outstanding production and very solid compositions that holds everything a music lover desires. Although the style is very similar to Pink Floyd, they do have their own style and if they keep on progressing in this direction we can expect a lot more from them in the future. Let's at least not hope they also keep the same pace in releasing albums as Pink Floyd, because then we'll have to wait at least 7 years for the next album. Stock will be available with a bonus DVD (5.1 mix) and as Yogi Lang will be in charge of the production and the mixing, this will be of high quality, as is the album Stock.

Similar bands: Procupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Manic Street Preachers

[This review originally appeared June 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Also released by InsideOut (SPV 087-65512)

Opel (5:27) / The Way It Is (5:47) / Perceptual Response (1:21) / Forgive Me - Part 1 (1:39) / Gentle Art Of Swimming (10:17) / Who Do You Think You Are (3:36) / Going Outside (0:24) / Sun In The Sky (4:23) / Forgive Me - Part 2 (3:01) / Forgive Me - Part 3 (3:07)

(Bonus DVD has same tracklisting, plus tour video)

Yogi Lang - vocals, keyboards
Karlheinz Wallner - guitars
Phil Paul Rissettio - drums
Andreas Wernthaler - keyboards
Stephan Ebner - bass

God Has Failed (2000)
Trying To Kiss The Sun (2002)
Stock (2003)
World Through My Eyes (2005)
Live - Start The Fire (2005)
The RPWL Experience (2008)
The RPWL Live Experience (2009)
Gentle Art Of Music (2010)
Beyond Man And Time (2012)
A Show Beyond Man And Time (2013)
Wanted (2014)
RPWL Plays Pink Floyd (2015)
RPWL Plays Pink Floyd - The Man And The Journey (2016)
A New Dawn (2017)

The RPWL Live Experience (DVD) (2009)
A New Dawn (2017)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin DE

Added: January 20th 2006
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.rpwl.net
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Language: english


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