Pangaea - A Time And A Place

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Musea
Catalog Number: FGBG 4458.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:12:00

Recorded during July and August '99 and following the releases The Rite Of Passage and Welcome To The Theatre, this new Pangaea album was engineered, mixed and produced by Robert Berry, who also joins the band on bass and backing vocals. His expertise is immediately heard once the great "Something Happened Yesterday" hits your speakers. Especially the chorus is an ingenious piece of work, delivering the kind of accessibility that is just about acceptable from the prog audience, including the fierce guitar solo from Darrell Masingale. Another great aspect of Pangaea's music is their sense for vocal harmonies. A nice example of this can be heard during the acoustic simplicity of "Oasis," one of three parts that makes up "The Journey." "Oasis Of Seclusion" and "Tierra Del Fuego" even contain some World Trade references, not in the least because of the roaring bass. Really outstanding material with "Tierra Del Fuego" even winking at Rush!

With "November Sky" Pangaea is aiming for the Yes sound during their Big Generator period, yet with the addition of Rick Wakeman. Indeed Corey Schenck's synths towards the end sound almost like vintage Wakeman. A serious step aside from the "normal" prog idiom has to be "The Panther," which is based around a tribal rhythm; for sure a song that has to give a big impact when performed live as each musician can join in on percussion. When the band was asked to contribute to the Pink Floyd tribute set Signs Of Life, as issued by Eclipsed, they decided to tackle "Time." Although it is a credible attempt, I'm not sure why they put it on this album. And if they decided to put it on, why not right at the very end as a bonus track? As it is, it is now situated somewhere in the middle, which has you think it is part of the album's concept. "November Sky" could well have been called "December Sky" because to me it contains kind of a Christmas atmosphere. "Human Condition" is made up out of two separate compositions, of which the first, "One Man," is pure Rush, whilst the second part, "Anthem," is enough to enthuse the biggest stadium!

With A Time And A Place Pangaea have grown in maturity, both where writing skills is concerned as well as performance. They are sure ready to play with "the big boys" now, as I don't see any difference in their output and that of their contemporaries. For sure Robert Berry has done a great job, but you can be the best producer in the world, if the material is no good then there's little he can adjust. All's in the right place here and it's about time these guys get some media coverage and attention because they really sound awesome!

Something Happened Yesterday (7:56) / The Journey (10:14) / Hollow Life (5:29) / The Panther (4:15) / Time (5:02) / Beyond The Prism (3:39) / November Sky (3:27) / Myth (5:07) / The Human Condition (6:14)

Darrell Masingale - lead guitar, vocals
Steven Osborn - vocals, acoustic guitars
Andi Schenck - drums, percussion
Corey Schenck - keyboards, guitar


Robert Berry - bass, backnig vocals
Maurice Bettaglio :bass
Eric Schenck - backing vocals

The Rite Of Passage (1997)
Welcome To The Theater (1998)
A Time And A Place (2002)

Genre: Progressive Rock


Added: October 5th 2003
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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