Patto - Hold Your Fire

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Akarma
Catalog Number: AK190
Format: LP
Total Time: 42:00:00

Keith reviewed this and Monkey's Bum in the same review; they are listed separately in the database -ed.

If you decide you would like to find out what the group Patto was about, Hold Your Fire is the album to get. Their jazz and blues inflected rock is in good form on their second album, which was released originally in 1971 on Vertigo Records (6360 032 UK/VEL 1008 US). The gatefold LP has an entertaining cover that reminded me of an old kid's game called colorforms. Each character has a different piece of another connected to it when you start playing with the three sections and changing them back and forth. The replication of the original artwork is exceptional.

Mike Patto sounds very much like Rod Stewart, and the music at times is similar to what Stewart sounded like in the 70's as well. Olly Halsall was a sought-after session man, and his playing tells the story why. He was an outstanding guitarist amongst other things on this recording. His playing was fluid and thoughtful as well as technically advanced for the day. He intelligently displayed the jazz discipline with absolute command on more than one occasion.

These two albums are like night and day; in fact it's really is like listening to two different bands when you listen to both albums in succession. Hold Your Fire is a strong album with a good flow and consistency. Patto's voice is sturdy and confident. Monkey's Bum is previously unreleased material from1973 sessions on O.S.R. Records. It shows why they were unreleased tracks to begin with; they should have remained in the can. The title is more than indicative of what it sounds like. Patto's voice is off key and weak and the music isn't much better. It's poorly recorded and would have been better off left alone; it tarnishes all the other good efforts by the band.

So there you have it, a band at its best and worst. It's an interesting way to learn about the rise and fall of a band. Patto died tragically of throat cancer in 1979, and now his legacy is carried forward once again. It's nice to see how Comet Records has so lovingly embraced music like this and brought it the attention it deserves.

Side One: Hold Your Fire (8:07) / You, You Point Your Finger (4:36) / How's Your Father (4:44) / See You At The Dance Tonight (5:00)

Side Two: Give It All Away (4:12) / Air-Raid Shelter (7:07) / Tell Me Where Have You Been (3:51) / Magic Door (4:23)

Mike Patto - lead vocal
Olly Halsall - guitar, piano, vibes, organ, vocals
Clive Griffiths - bass, vocals
John Halsey - drums, percussion

Patto (1970)
Hold Your Fire (1971/2002)
Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em Put Another Line Out (1972)
Monkey's Bum (1973/2002) (no official release)
Sense Of The Absurd (1975) (Patto/Hold Your Fire w/bonus)
Warts And All - Patto Live At The Black Swan, Sheffield (1999)

Genre: Fusion-Jazz Fusion

Origin UK

Added: June 26th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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