Poor Genetic Material - Winter's Edge

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Quixote Music
Catalog Number: QXT CD20
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:22:00

Poor Genetic Material returns with the same line-up and their second release in as many years. The band is really a recording conglomeration of several German musicians with the intent of producing mellow progressive rock that is highly influenced by the 70s sound.

The seven songs featured here are fairly long, with a suite that serves as the center piece. Winter's Edge begins with a mid-tempo rocker, "Sharp Bends Sudden Crests" that trots alongside some of the latter Beggar's Opera works. Of course, with vocalist Philip Griffiths sounding like his father (first singer for Beggar's Opera), this is to be expected. "Whitescapes" starts with a moody keyboard intro, then mellows into a melodic ballad with a lot of twists and turns. The very moody "Hugging Horses" follows with piano and textured Latimar-like guitar. There's a breezy Camel-like feel to this track as it swims along at a languid pace. Very enjoyable. Then, 2 minutes in, the rhythm becomes more urgent and the song builds in intensity. "Protean Profile" and is just as obscure as its title. A very mellow, emotional journey through one's memories. The song builds to several climaxes, always returning to the mellow balladeering that proceeded them. I love the subtle moog work here. The title suite follows, opening with piano and proto-Floyd synths. Again, very emotional and melodic, this track confirms Poor Genetic Material's dedication to mood. There's a lot of turns in this 11 minute track, including some very effective and progressive instrumental passages. "Nuage Bleu" has a nice interplay between piano and classical guitar. As in all the tracks, it builds in intensity several times. "Winter's Edge Part 2" closes with an aggressive entrance. Again, a stand out track, it accentuates the importance of the design of this album. That is, to build slowly and intensify, and - as a whole - work it's way to a thorough and satisfying climax.

What is also so refreshing about Winter's Edge is it's focus on acoustic sounds. Sounds that are subtle and don't rely on VOLUME to impress us. At a time when prog-metal dominates, it's nice to go back to something as low key as this. Although not highly progressive, Winter's Edge has plenty going on to occupy the most progressive listener, and a lot of warm, soothing sounds.

Sharp Bends Sudden Crests (6:12) / Whitescape (9:06) / Hugging Horses (7:54) / Protean Profile (6:25) / Winter's Edge Pt 1 (11:17) / Nuage Bleu (5:48) / Winter's Edge Pt 2 (3:20)

Philip Griffiths - vocals
Stefan Glomb - guitars
Philipp Jaehne - keyboards
Dennis Sturm - bass
Ludwig Benedek - drums

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Free To Random Vol. 2 (2000)
Summerland (2001)
Leap Into Fall (2002)
Winter's Edge (2003)
Spring Tidings (2006)
Paradise Out Of Time (2007)
Island Noise (2011)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin DE

Added: September 22nd 2003
Reviewer: RIPZ

Artist website: www.poorgeneticmaterial.com
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Language: english


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