Prototype - Trinity

Year of Release: 2002
Label: World War III
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:57:00

Technical, powerful, well-conceived ... it was a long time coming since I last listened to an album so full of pyrotechnics and flares such as Trinity, the first full-length record of American band Prototype. In fact this band, born from the ashes of Los Angeles-based Psychosis, delivers ten songs that are cut from the finest progressive/thrash metal roots. The opener, "Living A Lie," is a real killer: complex rhythmic passages, intense verses, catchy choruses, schizophrenic drum parts ... it's hard to believe that a song that lasts only 4 minutes and a half has all these characteristics thrown in. Just try to imagine a cross between Metallica, Dream Theater and Nevermore and you will be near the full depiction of Prototype. But this song is only the first bullet, as the chameleon-like "Pure", with all its changes reminiscent of such deft bands like Death or Cynic, proves soon thereafter. The more atmospheric side of Prototype comes out with "Utopia," an instrumental interlude which paves the way for the title-track, another clever composition which shows a lot of diverse influences, but most of all the many strengths possessed by this combo. Thus once again I really have to mention the unbelievable drum work of Pat Magrath (ex-Killing Culture), but it's the group as a whole who always delivers a lasting impression in the mind of the listener. Moreover to put the final touch to this masterpiece you have to note also the cover artwork, made by gifted Travis Smith, who already adorned tons of records, and who delivers another outstanding pic here. Could it be that this is the new prototype with which future progressive/aggressive metal albums are measured by?

Released in Europe by Masscare Records (MAS CD0407)

[Magrath has since left the band, and as of August 2002, the band was looking for a new drummer -ed.]

Live A Lie (4:30) / Pure (4:53) / Utopia (2:42) / Trinity (5:01) / Shine (5:13) / By Breeze (2:40) / Dead Of Jericho (6:50) / I Know You (Part I) (2:22) / Mind In Motion (4:49) / Relativity (4:46) / Bonus Tracks EUR version: Half Life (5:19) / Chrysalis (4:19)

Vince Levalois - guitars, vocals
Kragen Lum - guitars
Kirk Scherer - bass
Pat Magrath - drums

Psychosis - Pavement Bound (cass. ep) (1990)
Psychosis - Lifeforce (cass. ep) (1992)
Seed (cass. ep) (1995)
Cloned (CD ep) (1999)
Trinity (2002/2004)
Continuum (2006)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: August 25th 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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Language: english


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