Quikion - Hallelujah! Early Recordings Of Quikion

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Poseidon Records
Catalog Number: PRM-001
Format: CD
Total Time: 31:39:00

The great thing about progressive music is that it's not limited to rock. No matter what kind of music you like, it's probably getting the progressive treatment these days. The result isn't always pretty but, more often than not, it's original and somebody is going to like it. With that in mind, say hello to Quikion, an acoustic trio from Japan whose approach to folk music is so unusual that "folk" really isn't the best way to describe their sound.

My first exposure to Quikion was on last year's Fracture Message, a compilation of artists signed to Japan's Poseidon Records, which featured Quikion's "Train Song." Completely unlike the rest of the music on offer, "Train Song" became an immediate favorite. Quikion's use of acoustic guitar, concertina, and accordion, combined with Yukiko Totoki's delightfully expressive vocals, created a folksy, Parisian sound that conjured French sidewalk cafes and a heady déjà vu for Kate Bush's early days.

"Train Song" is also included on Hallelujah!!, a short collection of Quikion songs recorded in 1997 and one live track, "Summertime", recorded in 1995. The use of medieval instruments (including glockenspiel) gives the songs an airy European flavor that draws heavily from the "Parisian" sound and mixes in touches of classical and gypsy folk music. The sound is easy on the ear and the pace is mostly relaxed, but occasionally Quikion does rock a bit ("Voyage", "Summer").

The one danger that might be expected with a lightweight set like this is boredom, but Quikion's performances are so engaging that boredom never sets in. Instead, Hallelujah!! is sweet and hypnotic enough to delight fans of acoustic folk music, and progressive enough to offer a nice diversion to prog-rock listeners in search of something different.

Reissued in 2006 (PRF 037) with 6 bonus tracks: Hallelujah!! (Live in 2006) / Elevator / Distant / Moon Light / Metamorphose / The Morning

Hallelujah!! (5:28) / Voyage (4:41) / The Music Box (6:33) / Train Song (4:07) / Summertime (5:08) / TV (5:41)

Totoki Yukiko - vocals, concertina, rhythm machine
Sasaki Emi - accordion, glockenspiel
Oguma Eiji' - guitar

Guest musician:

Shimizu Rei - bass (5)

Escargot Bianco (1999)
Yoru No Harp (2001)
Hallelujah!! Early Recordings Of Quikion (2002/2006)
Ramadan (2004)
Kaprico (2008)

Live (DVD) (2005)

Genre: Other

Origin JP

Added: September 22nd 2003
Reviewer: David Cisco
Artist website: www.sound.jp/quikion
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Language: english


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