Quidam - The Time Beneath The Sky

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Musea Records
Catalog Number: FGBG 4441.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 64:41:00

Introduced by a gloomy but attractive cover depicting a deserted beach with some dark clouds hanging in the sky, the third studio album of polish band Quidam exemplifies perfectly how some jewels of today's music are hidden in the most unusual places. In fact it's been almost a week that I've been mesmerized by the beautiful voice of Emila Derkowska and the playing of her comrades, who clearly possess great aptitude in reinventing 'good old' progressive rock. Well, to be honest Quidam go even further, as this record doesn't merely reproduce the magic sound of classic acts like Yes or Genesis, but focuses more on stunning atmospheric parts, which are the real strength of the band. Yes, we could really talk of an hybrid comprising Pink Floyd, The Gathering (however be aware, listener, the voice of Emila is somewhat diverse from the one of Anneke) and even some Led Zeppelin, as we also find an immense psychedelic cover of the legendary "No Quarter" just after the first two tracks, which are very well-done pieces of music with oriental influences. Yet the roots of the sextet aren't forgotten either, as the joyful "Kolozec" demonstrates amid lyrics sung in Polish (used almost everywhere in the record with huge result). Furthermore another strong point of The Time Beneath The Sky is the production, clear and well-balanced like it should be for a cerebral record like this one. "Everything has its own time beneath the sky" sings Emila at the end of the album, and the only thing that remains to be done after such a complete work like this, is to hope Quidam will find their (successful) time in the music world like so many others have already achieved. They deserve it!

Also released by Rock Serwis (RSCD 062)

Letter From The Desert I (6:12) / Still Waiting (Letters From The Desert II) (4:48) / No Quarter (11:44) / New Name (4:45) / Kozolec (For Agape) (5:00) / Credo I (8:04) / Credo II (5:13) / You Are (In The Labyrinth Of Thoughts) (4:31) / Quimpromptu (9:35) / (Everything Has Its Own) Time Beneath The Sky (3:59)

Emila Derkowska - vocals, backing vocals, cello, acoustic guitar
Zbyszek Florek - keyboards
Rafal Jermakow - drums, percussion
Maciek Meller - guitars
Radek Scholl - bass guitar
Jacek Zasada - flutes, keyboards

Quidam (1996)
Moje Anioly (1998)
Sny Aniolow (1998)
Live In Mexico '99 (1999)
The Time Beneath The Sky (2002)
SurREvival (2005)
Halfplugged (2006)
Alone Together (2007)

The Fifth Season (DVD) (2006)
Strong Together Live (2010))

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin PL

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

Artist website: www.quidam.pl
Hits: 845
Language: english


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