Special Agents, The - ?Play "Serfbeat"

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Sick Muse Music/Vitaminic
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 26:06:00

The Special Agents' ?Play ?Serfbeat? (notice the play on words in the title?) is an imaginative combination of all the best elements that the genre of surf-spy-instrumental can offer a listener.

With eight quick and to-the-point tracks, this band systematically makes its way through instrumental stories that will help you to envision and relive all sorts of movies that will suddenly become a featured presentation in your mind's eye. For me it was like a trip back to some of the '60s James Bond flicks when the spy element of their sound kicked in. While the guitar is unquestionably the main instrument, the organ plays a major role in making that sound complete.

?The Lunar Sea? and ?Death Probe? captured my imagination more intently than any tracks, although I found the entire recording to be consistently entertaining and diverse for this style of music. What I found listening to this band was that there was more to them than meets the eye, or ears as it were. Not only was there a bounty of the sub genres branching off the granddaddy classic surf tree, they throw into the mix a surprising amount of rock, in particular on track six ?The Lunar Sea.? It seemed the more I listened to it the more intrigued I became and the less it sounded like a typical surf-instro number. It is because of the repeated listens, and noticing the subtleties and different styles employed that made this more than an ordinary listen for me. The only problem was that it did not last nearly long enough for me, hence the continuous spinning of the disc, and that is not a bad thing at all.

Praying To The Special Agent (3:36) / Death Probe (2:31) / Serfbeat (5:01) / Soul Agent (2:40) / Her Majesty's Secret Surfers (2:44) / The Lunar Sea (3:58) / Go! Go! Go-Go (2:34) / Serfbeat (live) (4:22)

Agent Geoff - organ & guitar
Agent Rod - guitar
Agent Neal - bass
Agent Scott - drums

Her Majesty's Secret Surfers (EP) (2000)
Soul Agent (EP) (2001)
Sound Off 2 (var. artists comp. LP incl "Death Probe") (2002)
Double-0-Surfin' (EP) (2002)
Tendenze (It. var. artists comp LP incl "Soul Agent") (2002)
...Play "Serfbeat" (mini-LP comp. of first two EPs) (2002)
After Hours: A Tribute To The Music Of Lou Reed (var artists comp incl "All Tomorrow's Beach Parties") (2003)
60s Garage Today - Vol 1: The Kick Off! (var. artists, free download; incl. "Davros Is Headless") (2004)
Surfing Lounge (var. artists; "Double-O-Surfin'") (2004)
A Box Of Odd (var. artists; incl 2 TSA tracks) (2004)
Wilson Chance: The Sound Of Danger (sndtrk, incl. 4 TSA tracks) (2004)
Fuzztones: Illegitimate Spawn (trib. CD, incl. TSA covering "The Thing") (2006)
Bulletproof Beat (2006)

Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: August 10th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: thespecialagents.webs.com
Hits: 575
Language: english


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