Ray, Rick - Cast Into Our Dimension

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Neurotic Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:18:00

Yet more material from Ohio's prolific guitarist Rick Ray, as we take a quick look at Cast Into Our Dimension.

While the opening track, "Always In Your View" is much like previously reviewed material, "Guitarm and Hammer" has a mid-80s feel to it - I thought of Sammy Hagar- well, his band at least, as this is an all instrumental track. Ray's playing is open and breezy - almost like the open road. This is quite good, quite compact.

Too often though, Ray goes for the darker sounds - I want to say grungy, but that word has a different connotation these days. It's rough, coming from a deep, dark place. It isn't bad, but it makes for tight listening - everything seems crowded into a small space. Whether that's a function of production or design, I don't know - meaning if this were a major label funded recording would it sound cleaner or is this the effect Ray is going for.

Ray sounds eerily like John Lennon on the Beatles-esque "Time Seems To Fly" circa Magical Mystery Tour. What sounds out of place, and pulls it away from the Beatles sound is the clarinet. So Beatles-like, you'd swear he was lifting the arrangement of "All You Need Is Love"

My approach toward these discs has been from progressive guitar-rock perspective, but it might be more appropriate to look at from a space-rock perspective. Ray utilizes here as on previous releases, an almost dreamy vocal approach - dreamy through a cigarette haze, as there's a certain rawness to his voice. There are occasions where I think of Rush (which I have from the outset).

A couple of these tracks are spoken word pieces ("Utopian Order" and "Freedom No Longer") - using soundbites of a voice I recognize but cannot name. Ray's music, of course, runs underneath.

Other highlights: "Deadman's Boogie," "A Wheel Within A Wheel," and the "Voices of Tartarus," the latter of which is more ambient as Ray bends guitar notes in swoops and dives.

Always In Your View (6:56) / Utopian Order (1:12) / Guitarm and Hammer (3:27) / Embracing Insanity (6:41) / Another Dimension (4:29) / Time Seems To Fly (8:33) / Freedom No Longer (1:54) / Cast Into Our Dimension (4:06) / The Monolith (4:37) / In This Sphere (4:58) / Deadman's Boogie (3:30) / Bloppy Stuff (part 5) (4:05) / A Wheel Within A Wheel (4:46) / The Voices of Tartarus (1:41) / The Writer (5:13) / Corruption Had Taken Over (6:10)

Rick Ray - guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion, and RX8
Rick Schultz - clarinet

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: February 1st 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.rickray.net
Hits: 993
Language: english


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